The Pluto in Virgo Generation Takes Control

There’s no mention of Pluto in Virgo in this Associated Press story about the changing of the guard in Washington, but it accurately describes the handoff from the Pluto in Leo crowd, which includes outgoing President George W. Bush, to President-elect Barack Obama, who was born under Pluto in Virgo.

The article describes Obama as “an example of a new pragmatism: idealistic but realistic, post-partisan, unthreatened by dissent, eager and able to come up with new ways to solve problems.” Mmm. Sounds like Pluto in Virgo to me.

One comment on “The Pluto in Virgo Generation Takes Control

  1. I have always referred to people born in 1960 as a group who cannot be clearly defined. We are not Baby Boomers, but are referred to as Boomers by certain timelines. It seems the most accurate portrayal of this group is the generation of diversity. I used to say we didn’t stand for anything, however, in retrospect it is due to our honor of diversity that we seem undefined. So, it is Pluto in Virgo that seems to rule us. Peace

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