Enter the Ragamuffin

slumdogmillionaireIn some earlier posts, I’ve been musing about watching what films and fashions are entering the zeitgeist as Pluto is in the earliest degrees of Capricorn.

Luxe and lifestyles of the rich and famous are dead, thanks to a 40% decline in the stock market last year and fraudsters like former Nasdaq Chairman Bernie Madoff and Satyam Computer Services Chairman B. Ramalinga Raju.

So what’s haute now? The “ragamuffin look.” There’s even a new line called Born as a Raggamuffin that I discovered at the blog I Like Her Style. (The fashion firm spells its name with two g’s, not one, for you sharp-eyed readers out there.)

So who’s everyone’s favorite ragamuffin right now? Jamal, the hero of Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, the rags-to-riches tale of a Bombay orphan.

I went to see Slumdog last week with my new BBF (Blog Best Friend) SFMike from Civic Center. Maybe if I’m a very good girl, he’ll introduce me to Princess Sparkle Pony one day!

3 comments on “Enter the Ragamuffin

  1. “Slumdog Millionaire” seems to be quite the polarizer. For some people, it’s their favorite new movie while others despise it. Personally, I thought the movie was assaultive and creepy, and the raggamuffin (thanks for the two g heads up) was great casting as the two little boys but not so hot for the adult until the final credits where he turned out to be a very good dancer.

    And I’d love to meet Princess Sparkle Pony myself someday. If I do so, I’ll be sure to make sure you’re notified.

  2. The Pluto shift is very visible in high fashion too. Combined to the Capricorn Jupiter last year then meant the minimanism returned to the runways – the most successful collections tended to have slim, fitted profiles and darker shades. In hairstyling, it seems the Titian red and frizzy, long hairstyles with central parting echoing the earky 16th century styles have made a glorious comeback. I’ve even seen fashion editorials carrying direct references to the early 16th century paintings.

    But the most interesting developement seems to be related to various fashion conglomerates. I read Dana Thomas’ brilliant “Deluxe. How Luxury Lost Its Luster” last year. Of course, most things she wrote have been long known among the fashion insiders and even people having some familiarity with the industry. But it’s interesting the book came out when Pluto first entered Capricorn. Reading it made me realize how the expansion of the Luxury conglomerates such as LVMH or Gucci Group is related to the Sagittarius Pluto. Many developements that were to shape the fashion industry in the next 13 years started around 1995. Tom Ford presented his first collection as the creative director of Gucci, increasing the company sales by 90 %. Prada’s “wallpaper collection” caused stir, making the name known among the general public. And there really wasn’t such a thing as “It Bag” prior to the mid 90’s (the most successful one, Fendi Baguette, was launced in 1997). All these phenomena were aimed to make luxury “accessible” to a mid-market consumers.

    Now that the Pluto is in Capricorn, I can see the industry having to do some serious rethinking, since only expanding isn’t really an option anymore in finding new markets.

  3. Candela — Thanks for such an articulate assessment of the fashion industry and how it is influenced by Pluto. I have a feeling you must work in the industry since you are so knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! — Monica

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