Waking Up to Class Warfare

Anybody who doesn’t think Pluto in Capricorn has ushered in a new reality should check out this story, about how a bomb scare in Aspen, Colo., marred New Year’s Eve in the winter playground for the well-heeled.

A couple of astro factoids worth noting: Angry Mars in the cold sign of Capricorn is conjunct Pluto, the Transformer. Interesting that this rage-induced plot against the rich turns up in a ski resort (Capricorn rules mountains and snow).

One of the bombs was left in a bank. I can relate. I just found out from my online banking center that a check I deposited on Dec. 29 has been mysteriously put on hold until Jan. 14, even though I have a receipt saying funds are available on Jan. 6. Of course, it’s New Year’s Day and no one is available in the call center to explain what happened. I’ll have to cool my jets until tomorrow.

Paris Hilton needs to watch her back. As a celebrity who embodies the lifestyle of the rich and famous, she should be keeping a low profile in these times of class warfare.


2 comments on “Waking Up to Class Warfare

  1. I love your take on the news via astrology, Madame Defarge, and let me be the first to go OMG on the news in the “Desert Sun” that I just read:

    “Whoever stole $2 million in jewelry from Paris Hilton’s mansion in Mulholland Estates may have been familiar with the heiress’ home and knew where to find her rings, watches and necklaces, it was reported today.”

    You are definitely some kind of stregha.

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