Astrology Mundo’s Top 10 Predictions for 2009


I made the mistake of buying Time magazine at the grocery store this week. I’m a sucker for lists and this week’s issue is devoted to them. Unfortunately, the editors should have provided a magnifying glass with the magazine. Running lists with tiny type is unfair to older readers, who after all are the only ones still buying print publications.

Having gotten that rant off my chest, here, without further ado, is the list of Astrology Mundo’s Top 10 Predictions for 2009. Most of these prognostications concern the U.S.

1. A huge revival in churchgoing and spirituality of all kinds
2. A major flu or epidemic
3. A very cold winter
4. Disillusionment with Barack Obama’s Administration (not just from me)
5. Roe v. Wade overturned or access to abortion greatly curtailed
6. More tent cities of homeless people like the one known as Camp Purgatory in Ontario, Calif.
7. Widespread bankruptcies of local and even state governments
8. Return to conservative manners and dress, even to the point of addressing people as Mr. or Mrs.
9. Hobbies — bridge, 1,000-word puzzles, gardening, studying genealogy, building models, collecting Americana, etc. — back in fashion
10. Potluck dinners become a national pastime

Astrologers out there will recognize a combination of Neptunian idealism and group action expanded by Jupiter in Aquarius, in seeming contradiction to conservative Pluto in Capricorn moving to oppose the Cancer stellium in the U.S. chart.

There’s also the ongoing opposition in the sky between restrictive Saturn, now transiting through Virgo, and revolutionary Uranus, in Pisces. This will provide plenty of fuel for class warfare in the coming months.

11 comments on “Astrology Mundo’s Top 10 Predictions for 2009

  1. Gian Paul — Rest assured, these predictions will be scrupulously reviewed a year from now — by me. I’m not feeling ill-tempered at all, just quite thankful I used astrology to move my meager retirement assets into a money market fund in August. I can’t say the same thing for investors in Bernie Madoff’s fund.

    In terms of Obama, I never drank the “Kool-Aid,” as we Americans say when we think someone has gone off the deep end. So I’m only feeling disappointed on behalf of my progressive friends who campaigned for Obama, not personally devastated.

    There’s beautiful white snow in the San Gorgonio Mountains overlooking Palm Springs and the village of Idyllwild up the hill looks like Switzerland! Wishing you the happiest of holidays!– Monica

  2. Here:

    2) Already happened in November / December 2008. Even people who normally don’t catch anything – including me – have suffered high fever and horrible cough. Since the viruses usually travel Westward, we can expect this one to cross Atlantic during the Holiday Season.
    3) Northern Europe has experienced another very mild Autumn. It’s unlikely the temperatures will low significatively, since the Ice Coat above Scandinavia was at the historic low last year, and growing very slowly this year. Unless the Jupiter transits most Country charts here will get translate to sudden expansion of the weather phenomena we experience.
    7) The countries most likely to go bankrupt in Northern Europe are Iceland and Latvia. I did look at the Icelandic chart back in October. It had some really nasty transits and bad connections to the Solar Return chart. They will be still living with that Solar Return chart for 6+3 months, but will have some beneficial Jupiter transits in January-February. I’ve yet to see the transits for Latvia

  3. Monica,

    Slightly OT…

    I found this blog through Google Alerts for idyllwild.
    I am a psychologically-oriented astrologer, in Idyllwild.

    Do you live on the Hill? Or are you just visiting for the holidays?

  4. Be it Pluto in Capricorn or the Saturn/Uranus opposition: Prediction No. 12 (to be verified by Monica in now less then 9 months): Many more Americans will not like “what is being dished up to them”, bowlers, investors, savers, simply, the man (and woman) in the street.

    At the turn (that is down-turn) of the Roman empire (Nero, the drama of Pompeii), “panem et circenses” (bread and games, divertissements) became what should have saved that famous empire.

    BREAD: Bernanke/Geithner distributing as fast as they can what, who knows, nobody will ever be able to repay. And that’s what is getting your Chinese financiers worried, and Gold up… At the point where in Nouriel Roubini’s last weekly summary there is talk of “Madoff being the Mirror of a Made-Off Ponzi Economy” and Nobel Price Krugman is talking of “inept analysis and measures”. And it is not just Geithner in Krugman’s view.

    Only shrewd businessman (and politician) M.Bloomberg says he would hire Geithner. Well, as beaten as that man now is, he would at least come cheaply…

    GAMES: Your President now participating in after all quite trivial night shows (and without teleprompter, which creates some problems…)

    Next you will see Ofra/Obama, Letterman/Obama, Larry King/Obama,
    As long as its pre-programed, teleprompted, we may even want to watch it from abroad, just to understand how smart your speechwriters can be.

    The jokes cracked during Lula’s recent visit did not help the latter’s ratings. At his return to Brasilia, Lula found for the first time in his career that he was rapidly loosing a considerable number of cherished points. Is Obama contagious?

  5. Neptune in Aquarius

    To establish a link to a strange event that occurred here the other day, it needed that the US Atlantic coast be “visited” this last Sunday evening, quoting today’s Drudge Report/Baltimore News, by “streaking lights, explosions, reported all along the mid-Atlantic coast. From Hampton Roads to Richmond V.A., Durham N.C. etc, between 9:30 and 10:00 Sunday night”.

    Last week, Friday evening, I was already in bed, tired from a long day but watching the sky. It was dark, no moon light, but some thin clouds permitting the stars being seen.

    All of a sudden the sky over the tropical forest where I live was illuminated. It could not be lightning, the clouds where too thin. And then I saw a very bright, greenish but also red and blue, even yellow “object” coming down in the dark forest. First I thought, must be an aircraft exploding, or some space debris. But there was not the slightest noise, and I can tell the distance of this lights/colors coming down: the next hill, 500-600 yards away!

    It’s only today after reading Drudge-Report, that I went roaming in that part of the forest accompanied by two housekeepers who work around here. One of them and his wife and children had also seen a strong and strange illumination last Friday night, but thought it was something electrical. They live on the other side of the hill from where I do. Our search today for burned trees or some other indication was without result.

    But I have a strange feeling about all this. What was reported to have been seen on the US Atlantic coast and what I saw with my own eyes here is VERY SIMILAR. Is it somewhere “connected” with the long stay Neptune has in Aquarius?

    If this is other than “space debris” falling, the Bilderberg Connection and other “conspiracies” may soon sound like children’s tales.

    Thinking as rationally as I can: space debris it most probably is not. Its not today only that these things fall back to earth. And it is well known, most of it is burned up by the atmosphere before it even comes close to touching the ground.

    And more so, had what I saw been a free-falling object, it would have come down with speed, but it “hovered” down. The many very strong colors, not just blue or green, exclude lightning. And there was no thunder!

    Thought I post this with Monica. In her very special blog she collects all sorts of unusual “things” – and also more serious stuff. Best GP

  6. When I started blogging again after Carnival, that’s when the working year re-starts in Brazil, Monica expressed her view that this will not last for more time than the turning direct again of Venus in Aries (in the middle of this month). She did not give more details, but as I “fear” her opinions to become true, here comes one more observation before that awesome date:

    ECOLOGY AND LULA: I am not going to talk about the Amazon, but about my swimming pool and my housekeeper. He follows daily what Lula says. That’s what common Brazilian TV is made for. Keep housekeepers informed, and their whole family.

    So the facts: I have a daily swim in the pool and the housekeeper before that has to “fish” for fallen leaves, spiders (the warter-type-spider, carrying the young on its back, hundreds), tiny little green frogs literally falling with the rain and who do not survive in chlorinated water etc.

    The guy being new, and I presume after seeing what Lula said about “white-blue-eyed bankers being responsible for the financial mess the world is now in”, had the not so appropriate idea (for a housekeeper) to comment on the extra work my pool is representing.

    It’s not that I am being critical of the housekeeper or the fact that he comments, but this is new in Brazil. The “Lula – Effect”.

    More seriously: Ecologically speaking any swimming – pool is ecologically speaking an interference. If some bee or tiny frog falls into a natural lake, it may die as well, but more likely will serve as food for the fish living there.

    In our blue colored, anestesized swimming pools, they only turn into more work for housekeepers. And Lula gives them the courage to point it out.

    I think my guy is actually right, but being new he should stop there. Fortunately I am not “blue eyed”, as the local Vet said the other day. And I will never tell this housekeeper that I am a retired banker!

    PS. Had to think while having my swim today that the Western World may be falling under the spell of 3 women: Michèle O./ Bruna / Angela Merkel.

    Merkel is simple: daughter of a Lutheran Pastor in former East Germany she incarnates what any German bourgeois (even catholic) could wish to have as a leader in this crisis. Fashion-wise she has no ambitions. So its all perfect and the other two can rely on Angela.

    Bruna: If she refused to give a little kiss on Obama’s cheeks, its not that she had to “overcome herself not to do so” – she does what she knows is best for France, naturally. (Despite being Italian – but then France had one of its most glorious times under Catherine de Medicis, Italian as well, being married to Henry II, King of France).

    Michèle O. : She appears much more of a warm-hearted genuine American Black than her husband. Possibly a little “hands – on”, as became visible with the Queen. But then, the impression I got from the pictures published, was that she actually embraced that old lady for being 1) an old lady, 2) so much smaller than she is, 3) always stressed by protocol and some “Berlusconi” shouting in the back-ground.

    I am quite certain Michèle O. would not have embraced Lady Camilla Parker- Bowles with the same tenderness. And Carla would not have given a little kiss to Prince Charles neither, at least not in public.

    These are trivial observations, but Carla spends her nights with her new husband, as we think Michèle O. is doing as well, and that’s where “important decisions are made”, and not just about what hairdo or dress to wear next day”.

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  8. I do not intend to brag, “but growing numbers of ill-tempered Americans” (unfortunately for those involved) turns out to be “a hit” – even before this year is out.

    The reasons? Who enters in this blog is more likely to wish to read something “astrological” , rather then anything else, as “educated and intelligent that may be”.

    Here some astro-food for thought:

    Using the most accepted US map (Philadelphia, 2:17 pm 7/4/1776) where Neptune is at 22 degr. 24 of Virgo and Mars at 20 degr.57 of Gemini, one cannot miss to interpret what’s going on more or less as follows:

    1) Mars right now is where it (he) was when your Founding Fathers declared their independence from the the Brits. In House 1, ruled by Mercury. Mars then squared Neptune, being in a revolutionary mood, but “idealistic”. Today Mars squares Uranus, still revolutionary but not so idealistic, rather upset!

    2) Sun opposite Jupiter/Neptune in Aquarius amplifies “emotions towards things to change” – but rather at “the other guy’s expense”…
    It’s the old story: If one has to share a cake that is big enough for all, fine. But now that the cake is shrinking…

    3) Mercury/Saturn oppose Saturn in Virgo (where natal Neptune of the US chart is sitting): ancient dreams (American dreams), Neptune, are being opposed. And Mars (in the skies) squares Merc/Sat and Nept.

    When will all that come to a “friendly resolution”? In 2011/12. But before that you might find America to have become an overtly more hostile country, not to the outside, but its citizens, one with each other.

    Monica’s prediction No. 1 may still become true, but later. Right now its rather “townhall meetings, birthers, nutters and what have you”. Who got over the hill “practically unscathed” is Wall Street. To know more about that one must read “fuming Ariana Huffington”, by now she has become another “ill tempered American”.

    PS. Today is “Pakistan Independence Day”. Astrology Mundo (i) carried an entry about that some time ago under the heading “Kashmere”.

  9. Correction: Under 3) it should read: Mercury/Saturn in Virgo (where natal Neptune of the US chart is sitting) – opposing Uranus: ancient dreams…

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