Obama’s Choice of Rick Warren Sends the Wrong Message

I don’t get the argument that Barack Obama’s decision to invite celebrity pastor Rick Warren, who is openly anti-gay, to lead a prayer at the inauguration, is a “good thing,” to quote celebrity homemaker Martha Stewart. The thinking is that the President-elect is reaching out to those on the other side of the aisle, the political spectrum, etc.

I know I’m not the only one out there who sees great irony in the fact that the nation’s first black President is choosing to break bread with a man who actively campaigned against gay marriage in California and was successful in that effort.

I know that Warren is helping to lead us to a “Purpose-Driven Life” through his 20,000-member Saddleback Church in Los Angeles. I just don’t think my purpose in life is supporting someone who is trying to exclude a certain group from the same rights that everybody else gets to enjoy.

Now that Pluto is in Capricorn, we all have to be on the lookout for the tendency of the government and the corporation to encourage and enforce patriarchal family structures. This runs counter to the community-oriented spirit of idealistic Neptune in Aquarius, which will be joined by expansive Jupiter in 2009. (Incidentally, Warren is an Aquarius so he’ll be getting a lift from Jupiter for a year, starting in early January.)

There is nothing that can make me feel good about this situation. From where I sit — straight, white, married, middle-aged — gay union is a civil rights issue. Churches that adhere to the teachings of the Bible may feel justified in shutting the door on gays, lesbians, and transgender folks, but the government does not have that luxury.

Why? I’m no constitutional scholar, but here’s why I’m so sure of my beliefs: Article 14 of the U.S. Bill of Rights. And I quote:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

By asking Rick Warren to bless his Administration, Obama is sending the message to gays that they are not welcome at his table. And that is definitely not a good thing!

13 comments on “Obama’s Choice of Rick Warren Sends the Wrong Message

  1. Fact: Obama does not support gay marriage. He only supports “civil unions.” So, Obama and Rick Warren both are seeking to deny a group of people from the same rights as everyone else.
    Fact: Obama has always, always, refused to march in Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade.
    Fact: Every newly-elected President immediately starts to run for his (I say his because these guys always make sure a woman never gets the job), starts to run for his second term.
    Fact: Obama started reaching out to the evangelicals earlier this year. He needs symbolism to prove he really is the great uniter. It’s just politics as usual, nothing to worry about. Keep your eyes open for more “I’m running for my second term” moves. Remember, this guy admitted that the minute he arrived in the U.S. Senate, he started running for President. You should not be surprised by these “moves.” Don’t worry, Obama does not share the “belief system” of these “oddballs.” Obama has no belief system and doesn’t worry about this stuff. He has goals and nothing will stop him from achieving them. That’s the way he operates. It’s The Chicago Way.

  2. 1) Monica – Obama has notoriously one problem: As long he is tempting to be whom he is not (neither JFK, neither Roosevelt, neither this or that other pastor’s darling), he will have difficulties to convince. So far it’s all “politician’s talk”.

    2) Mandelay – If you practice astrology (I presume that you do since you are blogging in Monica’s “rich pasture”), I suggest you have a look at November 2012: In my interpretation (assuming his birth-data are what he says), Obama is not a candidate with any chance. Let him manipulate ad nauseam, who ultimately calls the shots is destiny.

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  5. Monica- for me, at this stage, until we finally know for sure where and when the man in question was born, my then predictions (based on a possibly tricked horoscope), may have been “off the mark” for exactly that reason.

    Does US law give any rights to astrologers (at least) to have accurate and trustworthy birth-data of people aspiring to high office?

    If not, why not obtain a constitutional amendment to that effect. Or then let anyone physically alive and kicking be candidate to whatever type of position of power the media machine will fancy to be of interest at that moment of American history.

    Some humorist 2/3 month ago was proposing “Jack Nicholson for President”. Well, the way things are going…

  6. GP — With all due respect, if you look back at your forecast predicting John McCain would win, there was little discussion of Obama’s chart. You were focused on Carolyn Dodson’s “true” chart of the U.S. and visions of Sarah Palin negotiating with Vladimir Putin. These visions indeed may come to pass, but not as quickly as you anticipated.

    Also, you may be correct that we don’t have the accurate time or place of birth for the President-elect. But I think a lot of people underestimated the impact of the Saturn/Uranus opposition on John McCain, Rupert Murdoch, and OPEC.

    In the case of the latter, you were predicting its finest hour and in fact, today, the media’s song seems to be that OPEC is increasingly irrelevant.

    I’m not trying to criticize you. I’m just saying that as experienced as we may be in making astrological predictions, a lot of us have been totally off the mark lately.

    And, as I’ve pointed out in a post, you’ve been quite accurate about the role of Kashmir in the latest flareup of tension between India and Pakistan as well as the timing of the Mumbai attacks. Best, Monica

  7. I’m a fan of Martha Stewart, and for history’s sake on this cached blog, please make it clear that she was never quoted saying it was a good thing about the Warren choice. I get it, but with the internets and uninformed people, you may lead them to believe she did. Stewart supports gay rights. And women’s. One thing that rarely gets pointed out is that you can’t be gay in Warren’s church and women can’t be heads of churches either. But I guess we are used to women being sold out.

  8. I personally think Obama could have made a better choice here, but frankly find the whole situation in the US quite paradoxical. The State and the Church are separated, yet religious feelings play such an important role in politics and administration. It seems there really is a large group of people who think that God does bless America only in case the political decisions are in line with the teachings of their chosen Christian denomination. So, I understand that in this kind it’s really difficult to make any kind of political choice regarding religious matters without upsetting at least a large minority of people.

  9. Gian Paul — No one’s taking anything out on you. But I do think we all have to “cop” to our records. I’ve been right about Kansas winning the NCAA and the Phillies winning the World Series against Tampa Bay. I was wrong about Tiger Woods having his best year ever and I was overly optimistic about the Dodgers’ chances against the Phils.

    I just think we owe the readers of this blog some accountability. That’s all.

    Your entertaining, but highly confident post “The View From Brazil: Why McCain Will Win” was one of the most highly read items on this blog. And whether you realize it or not, every day folks are using the search term “The View From Brazil” to find posts that you’ve written. I can see this from the tools that Word Press provides.

    Don’t you go back and analyze your mistakes to try to figure out what you did wrong? For instance, in hindsight, can you see that the Saturn/Uranus opposition making a T-square with McCain’s Jupiter, just to name one aspect in his chart, would not lend itself to victory?

    Perhaps astrology is all a game to you, but I take it quite seriously. I don’t think anyone, least of all myself, can put predictions out there and then not follow up and analyze why we got things wrong. Then I think we are obligated to explain the logic to readers. We owe them that. I don’t think that’s being ill-tempered. I think it’s being accountable. — Monica

  10. Sally — It was not my intent to associate Martha Stewart with Rick Warren, but merely to give her credit for the expression “good thing,” which people use all the time without giving her credit. Thanks for writing in. I really appreciate it. — Monica

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