The View from Brazil: The Day Gian Paul Met Bernie Madoff

By now, you would have to be living off the grid to not know that Bernard L. Madoff, former chairman of the NASDAQ Stock Market, has been accused of perpetrating the biggest financial fraud of all time — a Ponzi scheme that involved $50 billion. Yes, that’s billion, folks.

Fortunately for Astrology Mundo, our intrepid Brazil bureau chief, Gian Paul, has filed a report about the day he met the man in question. As you’ll see, there’s a bit of a Saturn-return angle to the story. Over to you, Gian Paul:

Now that the papers are full of Bernard Madoff’s story, with the various financial collapses occurring like dominoes, I recall that I met the man in mid-October 1979. Then, Saturn was at the same position where it is today, 21 degrees, 30 minutes of Virgo.

If I remember, it’s because of two things: My then-boss had no time, so he asked me to take care of Madoff, who was visiting Switzerland, and even to take him out for lunch.

As I already had invited a friend for lunch, I had to combine the two. My friend Salim is an Iraqi Jew and a shrewd investor, so I thought that the two would get along.

And it turned out, it was a good lunch. Everybody enjoyed it. Bernard Madoff was a very affable man indeed.

Only, after Madoff left, my friend remarked that Maddox (that’s how he had understood his name) may be a “wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing.”

In jest, I remember having replied: “Maybe he is a ‘Mad Ox.'” After all, it was kind of nuts to try to sell over-the-counter stocks to Swiss institutions in those more conservative days. This was before premier high-tech companies such as Google chose to list on NASDAQ instead of the New York Stock Exchange.

Looking through the ephemeris, I guess that I must have met Madoff on Oct. 16 or 17, 1979. Question: After what has happened to him, why did the “Mad Ox” not join friends in similar circumstances in Monte Carlo, the haven for the rich who have run afoul of the law? It makes me think that after all he is not totally dishonest, maybe slightly mad…

Thanks, Gian Paul. As always, I appreciate your sense of humor and word play. Now, does anyone in the blogosphere have Madoff’s birth data?

4 comments on “The View from Brazil: The Day Gian Paul Met Bernie Madoff

  1. April 29th, 1938, New York City, no time.

    Moon and Venus changed signs that day. The moon from Aries to Taurus (around 9 am) and Venus from Taurus to Gemini (around 6:30 pm) respectively.

    Merc in Aries (but also, Jupiter in Aquarius) – given how relatively quiet and dishonest he has been about the whole deal, I am suspecting the moon is in Taurus for sure (he owns a fishing yacht named ‘Bull’!), but I am also thinking Venus in Gemini. The tricky part is that Venus is square Jupiter, in or out of sign, and Mars is in Gemini, so it could be Venus in Taurus, for the high life stuff. Excepting I don’t see a Venus in Taurus working the charities as hard he did – too lazy. (I can see a both Moon & Venus in Taurus with sticky fingers.)

    Yeah. Ok, try (guessing!) 23:30 for a birthtime. That would have Venus in Gem, moon much closer to Uranus, and Pluto would have just cross his ASC. Meanwhile, Saturn hit Neptune in Virgo a little while back (the fund redemptions are what killed him) in late October while Uranus is doing it’s number on him from the other end, since the Saturn-Uranus opposition is close on to his natal Pallas-Neptune opposition. So much for craftsmanship.

    Whoo-wee. Progressed Moon (from 23:30 birthtime) is just now squaring the whole big oppo package as well. Whee!

    [‘Fun fun fun.’]

  2. I am indeed honored to be The First. I have a 40 year interest in Astrology, almost entirely in the natal stuff. I too have tried to get Mr. Madoff’s birth date, which, you would think, would not be so difficult.
    But, second: WTF (that’s an abbreviation for a common American expression you are familiar with) does this utter crap, which makes me think 97% of Astrology’s adherents are nuts, about positions of planets then, now have to do with anything?
    This, my dear friend, is why no one with sense thinks of Astrology as more than 90% utter nonsense! You know what the major, overriding problem is? – all of you people are utterly focused on Prediction, with a capital P. You think that means something: Moon in Pisces when I met my wife, same as when I met my mistress. Again, WTF does it mean? Nothing.

  3. Thanks, Max. With “Mad – Oxe’s” map I could now as well have a look at what “planetarily” happened in recent days to our man:

    Having Neptune (R) at 18 degr. 37 Virgo (what about that: able to lie with precision and very very discreetly?) M. experienced Uranus stationary at 18 degr.44 on last Nov 27. in exact opposition to his Neptune.

    Add to this Sun/Mars in Sag. making a “nice square to all this, including Saturn at 20-21 degr. Virgo” and there we go!

    Needed to have a Sagittarian element to reach the degree of “international repercussion” so much discreet secret laboratory work was probably pre-destined to “deserve one day”.

    PS The Sabian Symbols give for 18 degr. Pisces/Virgo an “ouija board” and a “gigantic tent”. Well, the latter obviously resembles the “Ponzi pyramid”. The ouija board, using M.E. Jones’ language: ” He masters life through his creative sensitiveness to the illimitable potentials”.

    Well, almost. Until he had to undergo the constellations mentioned above.

  4. L’Amérique c’est phantastique!

    One has to read the “upscale” Times of London to find out about Herb Hoelter, a Veteran Prison Consultant. To me it’s not quite clear whether Holter is a Veteran, or whether he consults Veterans. If the latter applies, Madoff certainly is past retirement, but yet not exactly a “Veteran Prisoner”. To my knowledge it’s the first time he starts to spend time (150 years!) there. So, strictly speaking, he is not a Veteran. He might become one, if he completes a good part of the long term he was served…

    For now the “Veteran” is more probably Hoelter who may have spent several times in various prisons to then turn that experience of his into a very special business.

    I am truly impressed by all the services one canfind in America!

    Had to look up Madoff’s map (and hope it’s for the last time): He has Jupiter/Neptune dancing on his natal Jupiter. So, who knows, now that the worst for him is over, he may enter a better phase, with Herb Hoelter’s help.

    PS. Always looking at “American events”, but Monica’s blog is American, I could not abstain to have a look at Sarah’s (Palin) map. Her “Aquarian” surprise decision to abandon her job up there in the cold has some strong “retrograde conotations”: Jupiter (R) transiting right now on her natal Saturn, Pluto (R) squaring her natal Venus and then Mars/Venus squaring her stellium in Aquarius, composed of Saturn, Mars, Sun.

    Is it that with Obama going to Moskow, to “restart some silly button”, she got the idea that she might be doing better alone, without even Mc Cain???

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