On the Road Again

Some Astrology Mundo readers may wonder if I’m running out of steam after nine months of frenetic blogging. The truth is that I’ve been distracted by a death in the family and am on the road again. Spending seven hours a day driving doesn’t leave much time for blogging, especially as I’ve got a day job to handle.

I have a stellium of Venus/Jupiter/Mars in Sagittarius and it’s being activated by the Sun, Mercury, and Mars, which are all transiting Sag right now. I have a feeling that once Mars is in Capricorn, I’ll be furiously pounding the keyboard again. Thanks for your patience and support.

I’m also learning my way around the new WordPress release.


6 comments on “On the Road Again

  1. Hope you are taking care with all of this and at least enjoying the road some!

    A question from this non-astrologer who enjoys learning about the subject: What does a “stellium” of Venus/Jupiter/Mars in Sagittarius mean, especially in terms of effect? And how does this play out with the activating and transiting you mentioned. Sounds like celestial congestion (LOL).

    Will look forward to more “pounding” of the keyboard once Mars is in Capricorn!

  2. Hey AstroMonica,

    I’m so sorry about your loss. Look forward to your future keyboard escapades. Drive safe. Take care.

  3. Monica, very sorry to hear of your loss.

    Hope you’re feeling better now in time for the New Year.


    If no one else has answered Susan D’s question about a stellium, it’s 3 or more planets in one sign and results in a long slog when planets come to call – a drawn out time period for a transit – in Monica’s case, a triple whammy. jc

  4. Susan — My Sagittarius stellium being activated led me to put the pedal to the metal through most of early December. Sagittarius rules travel and education, and several of my stops on my cross-country trip involved visiting college towns, interviewing professors, and having a reunion with my fifth-grade teacher, who now teaches English as a second language in Kansas. It’s nice not to be in a moving vehicle for a change. Best, Monica

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