The Pluto in Capricorn Ingress and the Mumbai Attacks

Those of us who study astrology know that even when we’re right, we’re rarely exactly right. A case in point: Gian Paul’s prescient post about the impact of the Pluto in Capricorn Ingress on Indian-Pakistani relations.

Gian Paul, who has contributed to Astrology Mundo in posts labeled “The View From Brazil,” predicted trouble between India and Pakistan around Nov. 27, 2008 as a result of Pluto moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn.

Gian Paul thought the problems would surface in Kashmir. Instead, we’ve gotten deadly attacks on tourists over the past two days in Mumbai, India, by an Islamic terrorist group calling itself the Deccan Mujihadeen.

Kudos to you, Gian Paul. Here’s the link to the earlier post about the Pluto in Capricorn Ingress.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this heinous crime and their families. The U.S. State Dept. has set up a call center for Americans concerned about family members who may be in Mumbai. The number is 1-888-407-4747.

5 comments on “The Pluto in Capricorn Ingress and the Mumbai Attacks

  1. Monica – Regarding the events in Mumbai, my hunch is that India will be on the losing end of the present constellation.

    The Indian Navy received (premature) applause for having “bravely sunk” the other day a “mother ship of Somali pirates.” Now it turns out that they sunk an innocent Thai trawler. (What about the poor sailors, presumably dead?)

    India’s nuclear activities are U.S.-sponsored. Pakistan traditionally has received Chinese support. And if one considers the present world financial situation, even if Pakistan receives some help right now from the U.S., much more funding is available to them from China, an archrival of India.

    The business of India “harboring” the Dalai Lama is another issue worth considering. This thing is never-ending. Well, it’s history evolving in ever-greater spirals.

    Students of astrology will know that Pluto is now opposing the spot where the now-demoted planet was at the start of World War I — Capricorn/Cancer axis.

  2. Gian Paul — You’ve been following world events longer than I have, but my impression was that India was first part of the non-aligned movement and had some sympathy from Russia. Pakistan has long received nuclear support from the U.S., which only recently signed a nuke treaty with India. Of course, the China card is important. — Monica

  3. Monica – The “table has long turned”: What you say about Pakistan having received initially nuclear assistance from the US (it was Pakistan’s “Sarah Palin” – Benazir Butho), is correct.

    In the meantime she has been assassinated and China already long before that was already courting the Arab/Muslim world. For OIL! Pakistan is solidly Muslim, so is Indonesia. Somalia , mostly Muslim, receives Chinese assistance as well.

    Not to forget that archrival India, as China itself , has no oil. And it’s economy is still growing fast, especially the energy consuming part.

    While the US State Department is satisfied in courting the Buthos (Benazir’s husband is currently Pakistan’s President, that is still, but I guess he will not last for long) and re-habilitated Kaddhafi (practically no oil left in Lybia), the Chinese have far bigger vistas.

    Russia: Not unlike the US on the “decline in world influence”: You lost Vietnam, they Afghanistan and Georgia and some other pieces of the Sowiet/Russian empire.

    Russia’s “Achilles-heel” are the still considerable Muslim constituents in large parts of it’s territory. Not unlike India!

    China also has some Muslim population. The difference? Simple: China is NOT a democracy and therefore manges “ethnic obstacles” very efficiently (Tibet !). Russia and India have a huge problem to be resolved.

    If China decides to play it the “British way”, i.e. “to divide to rule”, they will have won beforehand: Pakistan is in dire need of money/oil and to bring Kashmir back home.

    If the Islamic world in the process radicalizes one step further (most probable), the Sheiks in Arabian Lands still being driven around in the odd Cadillac (not Mercedes), may have their days counted.

    Already thought why 1) a synagogue in Mombay was a target and 2) a permitted question, why are radical/super – orthodox Israeli Jews present down there? Its a fermenting stinking pot and the CIA probably is looking for help where it can…

    You yourself reported that you saw many Israeli vacationers in Kash mir when you visited there some 2/3 years ago and that they were not disturbed by the Indian military at every street corner. Like rich people visiting their banker in Switzerland (Kashmir’s “pendant”), where one sees 2 policemen at every road-crossing as well (UBS type of reassuring visitors).

    Other point: Why would India (!) be the first to sink a pirate ship off Somalia? They must have been in a big hurry, as the sunk the wrong ship! The Chinese advisors in Somalia may even have been playing a trick at the Indian Navy. Well, at least now the world has heard that it exists.

    To finish with this longish comment: When after 9/11 Bush talked with Egypt’s President, Hosni Mubarak, the latter, knowing much more about “islamic tensions” around the world than anyone you can imagine, said: leave Bin Laden alone, and Saddam as well. You may catch them, but there will be immediately another 300 alike ones!

    Why 300 I don’t know, but it’s now going that way. Unfortunately.

  4. Gian Paul, you have got it spot on. What happened on November 27th in Mumbai is indeed related to Kashmir, as the Lashkar e Toiyabba, who prepetrated the attack in Mumbai, have been sending jihadis to Kashmir for the last ten years or so.

  5. We are right about the energy and its range, rarely though about its particular manifestation or location. We are not determinant beings… but a bit sentient perhaps.

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