How Now, Dow Jones?

As my About section states, any financial advice given in this blog is for entertainment purposes only. Having said that, I will say that based on my technical stock charts and horoscopes, if the Dow Jones industrial average closes below 7,530, the next support level is around 6,500. If the Dow penetrates that, the next area of support is near 5,500.

I’m not a short-term trader, but at 5,500, I will start buying stocks again. Right now, my portfolio is down .2% for the year, vs. a 40% decline for the Dow Jones through Nov. 20. I’ve been entirely in cash since Aug. 14. I’ve succeeded in preserving my capital, but I cannot maintain this defensive posture forever or I’ll die broke. Strike that: With Neptune in my second house of finances, I’ll die broke, no matter what I do.

As readers of this blog know, I’m a fan of making connections between the stars and popular culture. When I Googled How Now, Dow Jones? I found an article in Playbill about the show, which was produced on Broadway in 1967 and starred Tony Roberts, known by many for his appearances in Woody Allen films over the years.

Of course, there’s no talk of reviving the play, so it doesn’t really make sense to compare today’s transits with those in the sky when the show debuted, but I’ll do it anyway. Back then, we were past the Saturn/Uranus opposition of the mid-1960s, which we are currently experiencing again. But Uranus was tightly aligned with Pluto in Virgo when How Now, Dow Jones was on stage.

It was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, some of us are old enough to remember. The sun’s just taking a little longer to come up than most of us anticipated.


2 comments on “How Now, Dow Jones?

  1. Smart Lady! I remember now you mentioned August 14 before – being 2 days prior to the ‘market paranoia’ Lunar Eclipse and all.

    Never saw the play although I remember the title…my big Uranus-Pluto conj event was seeing the Beatles perform which at the time was dramatic enough for me with DOW Jones none the wiser! ;p

  2. Jude — Seeing the Beatles live — now, that’s something to tell the grandchildren! Thanks, as always, for reading and commenting. — Monica

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