Hold on to Your Hats!


This isn’t the time to discuss the relative merits of FDR’s New Deal and fears of another Great Depression in this country. There will be plenty of time for that after the Inauguration. What strikes me about this caricature of Barack Obama as FDR on the cover of this week’s Time magazine is that he’s wearing a hat.

President John F. Kennedy sounded the death knell for hatmakers by not wearing one during his Inaugural address in 1961. What if Barack shows up wearing a topper on Jan. 20? Happy Hat Days could be here again. Hats off to a hat revival, I say!

3 comments on “Hold on to Your Hats!

  1. Monica – JFK not having worn a hat at Inauguration, as you say, set a new signal.

    Looking up some literature on Mayan astrology today, I came across their I believe (or at least I hope) well researched December 23, 2012 date, “signaling the end of a great cycle”. And, I suppose, the beginning of a new one.

    Curious to see, I drew the map for that date, western type of astrology, of course. Found something astonishing in the process:

    Mars will be conjunct Pluto at the beginning of Dec. 2012 (9 degr. Capricorn). Likewise he is going to be conjunct Pluto this year by end December (1 degr. Capricorn)

    When George W. Bush was re-inaugurated or extended (if that’s the term you use) in January 2005, Mars was also conjunct Pluto (at 24 degr. Sagittarius) At that time, I would like to add, the US was mightily preoccupied with foreign affairs, as fits Sagittarius.

    So 3x consecutively (in most recent times and again in 2012), Mars is or will be conjunct Pluto when US presidents are entering their term or extending it.

    In 2004/2005 I remember that there was considerable upheaval because of possibly (probably?) “fixed votes in Florida”.

    Now it’s the economic situation and increasing disquiet about “true change in Washington”.

    In 4 years time one may already now wonder about that Mayan prediction.

    PS. Today is a holiday in most of Brazil: “Dia da Consciença Negra” (freely translated, day to commemorate the sufferings – past and present – of the black population here.

    President Lula on this day referred to Barack Obama: “If he does not turn out to be a success”, but Lula said he believes he will, ” America will not vote for another black president for 500 years”. Probably kind of a “latino exageration”, but knowing Lula, this was not a gratuitous remark. He is Scorpio by Sun sign.

  2. Just as an fyi, Kennedy did wear a top hat to his inauguration. Though many like to blame Kennedy for the death of hats the peak year of men’s hat production in the US was in the 1920’s.

  3. Aaron — Yes, you are right, JFK wore a hat to his Inauguration, but when he was sworn in and gave his Inaugural speech, he wasn’t wearing it. As a result, photos went around the world of the new U.S. President, hatless.

    Since from your picture, you appear to be a hat aficionado, here’s a link to a snopes.com article about the “myth” that JFK killed the hat:

    Thanks for writing! — Monica

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