The Last Days of Pluto in Sag

I don’t know about you, but I’m counting the days until Pluto leaves Sagittarius on Nov. 26. Of course, my Mars is at 29 degrees of Sag and with Pluto sitting on it, I feel like I’m literally under the gun.

Speaking of guns, evidently there’s been a huge increase in sales of firearms and ammunition since Barack Obama was elected. Here’s an article from a newspaper in Elmira, N.Y., about the surge, which merchants attribute to fears that there will be new restrictions on gun ownership.

Sagittarius is the sign associated with the cowboy, so I think it’s fitting that folks are stocking up on guns and ammo in the last few days of Pluto’s transit through the sign. I know, cowboys carry a lasso, not a gun. I guess I saw too many movies about the trigger-happy Wild West when I was growing up.

Another Sag archetype is the pirate, and today it was reported that Somali pirates hijacked $100 million worth of Saudi oil.

I think we’ll be hearing more about cowboys and Indians during the next few days as Pluto takes his last ride in Sag before moving into the sober sign of Capricorn.

Any other Pluto in Sag sightings? Let Astrology Mundo hear about them.


5 comments on “The Last Days of Pluto in Sag

  1. I hear you about the last days of Pluto in Sag. It’s been sitting on my Mars at 28 Sag for ages! And ages! And…well, you get the picture. I have a very noisy upstairs neighbor – my landlord’s son who has turned our old and small apartment house into a crash pad for his frat boy friends who come to SF to party, get drunk and crash into the place at 3 AM. I am hoping that once Pluto moves off my Mars that I will figure out how to deal with this or at least, not feel so much under somebody else’s oppressive fist!
    Of course, then I can look forward to dealing with Pluto in Cap as my Sun is 13 degrees Cap opposite my Saturn at 6 degrees Cancer and both square Neptune. But one issue at a time!

  2. For those regretting that Pluto is now leaving Sagittarius, Mars, whom some consider to be Pluto’s little brother (or lower vibration), has now entered the sign. Helping to make for a smooth transition?

    But then watch out, on coming December 28/29 the two will be conjunct at 1 degree Capricorn. With an amplifying Moon in Capricorn as well at that time Sun and Jupiter, we may see some “Capricornian fireworks” – if such a thing is possible. Or some frosty weather.

    It may indeed get “really cold” by early January, when radiant Jupiter leaves Capricorn. What’s left then will be just hard work. Well, it will be a new year, and possibly those with a job (thinking especially of the designers of American cars) may doubly appreciate still having a job.

    Even if Pat Buchanan is from the (far) right, it’s worth reading what he says about the automobile-debacle. Its truly well considered. Had to mention this because of the strange “pun” of Time Magazines’ latest front page.

  3. Heya there,

    I am a saggie born on 6th December and Mars is really freaking me out! Whats going on? any advice would be gratefully listened too…


  4. Would not worry about Mars transiting your natal Sun on your coming birthday. If you are sportive (and with no heart problems) give it a bash on Dec 6!

    Or you may enjoy other activities requiring stamina or that extra push.

    Always “beware of free advice” GP

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