The Financial Future Foretold?

As I’ve said before, I’m not a great believer in conspiracy theories because sh** happens. However, I will admit to being spooked by an article I found on the Web that was published in late March by an Australian news site about a closed hearing of Congress on Mar. 13, ostensibly to discuss surveillance.

The report says the hearing included a discussion of a “September 2008” financial crisis that will precede a complete meltdown of the U.S. financial system in February 2009. It makes you wonder. You can read the chilling article here.

Like I said, I’m not one of those New World Order folks. Having said that, the fact that back in March legislators were discussing a September crash, which came to pass, is pretty darn scary. I don’t believe everything I read on blogs, but this appears to be a legitimate news site from Down Under.

3 comments on “The Financial Future Foretold?

  1. When you look at that “article”, they (and we actually don’t know who, since this site doesn’t specify who of the “writing staff” has submitted each article) actually quote a “conspiracy theorist” as their source for information regarding the financial side of the closed session. They also seem to refer (the reference isn’t clear…) to the sources who told some of the people present were so upset by the cover up attempt they would have started leaking information. This was almost 8 months ago, but no major exposure has been made. So, even if one wouldn’t consider general contents of – hardly Australia’s own “The Huffington Post” – I wouldn’t be allarmed by this particular article.

  2. Agree with Candela. Even if 10% were actual fact, the mess is there. Foreshadowed or not. As far as conspiracies are concerned: Italy is probably the world champion in this respect (after Tsarist Russia of Nicholas II got the boot by Lenin).

    Remember the Italian masonic lodge “P2”? And Cardinal Marcincus (from Chicago), the Vatican’s trusted treasurer. And then the Vatican’s preferred banker (Roberto Calvi), found dead, hanging (by courtesy of Scotland Yard) under London’s Tower bridge.

    Who “ordered” a clean sweep then, and for the world to see, was Margaret Thatcher. The Italian banker (with the help of the Vatican, who gave a helping hand to some Argentinian generals) had financed the purchase by Argentina (then already broke) of some French Exocet missiles, the only weapon capable of fighting her Majesty’s fleet that had sailed southwards to keep the Falklands British.

    I have heard here in Brazil that this Italian masonic lodge P2 “migrated” to Australia, another place where there are many Italian descendants and the “British element” predominates.

    In these days of Internet, mass media and a growing “Aquarian” hunger for “Uranian” change, we may soon see more modern conspiracies then the old-fashioned masonic ones. But since the P2 appears to have some business going in Australia, one can conjecture that they have modernized themselves and so continue “to have a say”…

    Hope I did not now seed another conspiracy

    Is it a type of Uroburos, serpent catching its own tale?

  3. Yes, the oldfashioned, “masonic” conspiracies just made much more sense in the paranoid, polarized, Cold War World. And Italy – a country which was officially aligned with the USA, but deeply divided politically – really was a hotbed for all kinds of conspiracies. The P2 Lodge (it’s to be said Freemasons themself “repudiated” the Lodge by withdrawing it’s chapter in 1976, possibly during the Saturn-Uranus square) definitely was a involved in many of them. But it’s likely that many of these conspiracies would have been initiated elsewhere, and only became linked to P2 through the involvement of some of the members, especially their leader Licio Celli.

    Roberto Calvi was indeed a P2 member, and P2 had indeed members in Argentina, but the theory that associates his death to the Falkland Crisis is very far fetched. The murder was almost certainly carried out by the Sicilian Mafia. Now, who ultimately ordered the murder, is unclear, but it I’d say the Mafia Bosses who lost their money in the Banco Ambrosiano crack or someone afraid of
    being exposed of associating with them had a far more stronger motive than the Brittish Government.

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