2 comments on “The Mother of All Election Polls

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  2. Astrologers like the chances of McCain-Palin. We could actually wind up with both as ‘winners’ and I wouldn’t be surprised. One winning the popular vote, and the other winning the electoral vote.

    There is an interesting connection between the Mercury in the chart of ’00 and the Mercury in the chart of ’08. Mercury turned direct at 29 degrees of Libra on Nov. 7th, 2000, 9:20 pm est–Election Day. On Nov 4th, is in that last degree of Libra, and transits at 11:00 am into Scorpio.

    Mercury the planet of how we think, moving from balanced and outgoing Libra to intuitive and psychic Scorpio. Alot of people are going to gut-check their vote next Tuesday.

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