Look Who’s Playing Saturn Now!

Princess Sparkle Pony and her Pony Pals are dissing Barack Obama for showing a little bit of gray hair. I think they’re making a mistake.

As an astrologer, here’s what I find interesting. Everybody who was talking about the opposition of Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces on Election Day was sure that GOP Presidential candidate John McCain was playing Father Time (Saturn) because of his 72 years and his white hair.

Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate, was cast as revolutionary Uranus because of his skin color, his supposedly progressive policies (they look pretty centrist to me), and his Internet mojo.

But guess what’s happened as Election Day has approached? McCain has become more Uranian (read erratic) by nominating “maverick” Sarah Palin as his vice-president and suspending his campaign during the financial bailout vote. Meanwhile, Obama has kept his cool during the stock market meltdown. He’s looking more like Saturnian these days, with the gray hair, the conservative suits, and his steady manner.

Anybody who has looked at the Fall Equinox chart knows that Saturn is at the midheaven. I originally thought this meant that McCain would win because he’s older and more experienced. Now, I’m not so sure who’s Saturn and who’s Uranus.

As I promised I would (“Pluto in Virgo for President”), I cast my vote for Pluto in Virgo. The candidate with that aspect happens to be Barack Obama, and I cast an absentee ballot for him last week in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

But even though I voted for Obama, like his wife Michelle told Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, he’s “gotta win me over.”

5 comments on “Look Who’s Playing Saturn Now!

  1. I still reckon Obama still embodies Uranus and Joe Biden, Saturn (old age). McCain is still Saturnian (Saturn in the 1st + old age) and Sarah Palin (with her stellium of planets in Aquarius) is Uranian. So we have got a balance here… A tie?

    Uranus may be stronger than Saturn, in the sense it can break down the barrier imposed by Saturn. But Jupiter this year is in Capricorn and Capricorn, is ruled by Saturn….

  2. Jupiter in Capricorn is conjunct to Obama’s Moon on election day, and he has a very active Solar Return chart (compared to McCain), with his Solar Return ascendant in his natal 7th, suggesting that his personality will be favored this year by the public, plus he has his Solar Return Sun in the 11th, for popularity and support. So Obama may well win.

  3. Wolfstar:

    “Barack Obama, with his Sun square visionary Neptune (Pisces’ ruler) and Jupiter in Aquarius, has this same capacity to replace the old paradigms with his personal vision. Now that his election seems inevitable, and global capital is finding a safe harbor in U.S. Treasury notes, the world awaits his paradigm. The plan begins on Inauguration Day during a Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius.”

    the 1st quarter stellium happening in Aquarius are pretty remarkable.

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