Discover Your Inner Dog

I’ve long been addicted to personality tests that reveal your type. Why do you think I got into astrology?

Only click on this quiz if you want to. It’s fun. I learned that I’m a Labrador Retriever at heart. Funny, our childhood dog was half-collie and half-German Shepherd.

What dog breed are you? I'm a Labrador Retriever! Find out at

For all you cat people out there, I’m still searching for the feline equivalent of this quiz.


2 comments on “Discover Your Inner Dog

  1. It says I am a bulldog but it didn’t sound right.

    Speaking of dogs, I did a chart of my own sweet baby earlier this week – birthtime is based on my mother saying he was born in the evening. He turned 18 in August (88 in dog years). He has a star of David configuration – Pluto (15 Scorpio), Moon (15 Pisces), Venus (24 Cancer); Mars (17 Taurus), Mercury (13 Virgo), and Neptune (12 Capricorn) and Saturn (20 Capricorn). He also has Jupiter (28 Cancer) conjunct Venus. I suspect that when Jupiter opposes this conjunction next year that he will move on to Doggie Heaven, if not before when it transits his 12th house Saturn. His Sun (16 Leo) squares his Mars-Pluto opposition. His MC (13 Scorpio) is conjunct my Sun and his Sun is conjunction my Ascendant (18 Leo).

    Bear – 8 August 1990 7pm 81W09 35N26

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