Macintoshes for McCain? Umbrellas for Obama?

Here’s a link to a story saying that bad weather on Election Day would favor GOP Presidential candidate John McCain.

When you consider that destructive Mars in water sign Scorpio is going to be squaring the stellium of Neptune, North Node, and Chiron in Aquarius at the same time Saturn in Virgo will be opposing Uranus in Pisces, storms are a strong possibility.

Forget the bailouts for the banks and the possibility of a second stimulus check. The ultimate get-out-the-vote incentive this Election Day could be rain gear. I can see fashionable trench coats from Brooks Brothers paid for by the Republican National Committee and bright blue ponchos emblazoned with an “O” that fold up into fannypacks for the Democrats.

A hard rain’s a gonna fall, as Mr. Dylan once sang.

2 comments on “Macintoshes for McCain? Umbrellas for Obama?

  1. Just a story to point out that weather really is a really bad excuse for staying home. We had local elections on Sunday. The weather was horribile – we were hit by the first Atlantic Autumn storm of the season the night before -, but I felt strongly about having someone who’d represent certain issues I support in City Council, so I dressed up head to toe in gore-tex and made it to the polling station. And today I found out it really was worth it – although my candidate was well behind in advance voting, she evetually made it by one vote margin. If she would have had that one vote less, there would have been a tie with another candidate of the same Party, and I don’t know who of the two would have passed.

  2. Candela — Good for you for helping your candidate win by one vote. That is a truly inspiring tale. Thanks for sharing it. I t reminds me of the plot of the Kevin Costner movie Swing Vote, where it all comes down to one guy. Each vote does count! — Monica

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