Opie Wants You to Vote for Obama

Earlier this year, after Tatum O’Neal was arrested for trying to buy crack cocaine, I did a post called “Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Child Stars.”

In that post, I mentioned that the only child star that I could think of whose life didn’t turn out to be a complete disaster was Ron Howard, who played Opie on The Andy Griffith Show and then Richie Cunningham on Happy Days.

Howard morphed into a superstar Hollywood director of such films as Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, and The Da Vinci Code. His success as a director is partly due to his longstanding producing partnership with Ron Grazer.

Long-term alliances are a theme in Howard’s life. He’s still married to his high school sweetheart. Like Paul Newman, Howard chose to raise his family in Connecticut instead of Hollywood.

Earlier today, I was checking out Google Trends and discovered this video. Now, Yahoo! is featuring it as a news story.

Regardless of how you feel about the Presidential election, it’s a kick to see a middle-aged Howard, who is a Sun in Pisces with a Capricorn Moon, back in his old roles in an effort to urge people to vote for Barack Obama, the Democratic Presidential candidate. There are some interesting co-stars, too, but I don’t want to give everything away.

Here’s Howard’s chart, courtesy of AstroDataBank. I’ll comment on it later, but I’d love to hear what you think.

14 comments on “Opie Wants You to Vote for Obama

  1. Brooke Shields seems to have turned out okay, but most of them, not so much. One of the kids who was on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series was recently arrested for a triple homicide.

    I was going to vote for Obama anyway, but cheers to Opie. We need all the help we can get with the swing voters.

  2. Have you looked at the NH 2008 primary chart, with transits on election day? Please look and let us know what you see.

    That was John McCain’s big ‘upset’ then, and Obama’s downfall from expectations, too.

    The NH chart’s Capricorn Sun is conjunct transiting Jupiter; a void of course Cap moon then, and a void of course Cap moon on 11/4.

    The new time for McCain puts has his Moon at 2 Aqu., exactly conjunct by NH’s progressed Mercury… one whose natal Moon has an exact trine to natal Mercury at 2 Libra… where the election night Moon transits late that night… and we are talking about a Virgo here. It looks like the biggest upset in the making. Ever.

    Maybe NH means nothing to 11/4, but there does seem to be a canny connection in the charts.

  3. I am bothered by the VOC transiting Moon on election day being in Obama’s 12th House, of its replication of the NH primaries VOC Moon. But Obama’s election day progressions have some things at work. His natal NN at 27’53 Leo, natal Uranus at 25’16 Leo, progressed Venus at 27’22 Leo.

    No doubt, as P Venus moved over his N Uranus, a couple of years ago, Obama started getting the love for Change. P Venus moves out of this orb in about 6-12 months, but a lot of good feelings for him through that time.

    But eh. Check out John McCain’s chart with upcoming transits. In 3 days, transiting Venus conjuncts his MH, then conjuncts his Natal Jupiter (with transiting moon) on Nov 1st. A lucky break for his career?

    McCain just might be under such a swamp with transiting Uranus conjunct his natal Saturn that is opposite transiting Saturn that he just cannot get out from under that 1st to 7th house experience of ‘erratic’ self in the ‘critical’ eyes of others.

    But the transiting Saturn (18’55) has moved off of his natal Neptune (16’7) enough by 11/4, and before it conjuncts his Venus (23’17), that he could get a new view between now and then. It might just allow him to break out with his maverickness and distance himself from Bush.

  4. All of these chart readings of Obama presume he was born in Hawaii, which is under question. There are about 10 lawsuits going on right now challenging Obama’s citizenship. Thus, all the astrological readings on Obama may be completely off-base.

    We believe the polls are not accounting for the defection from the Democratic party. Considering that an unusually high number of people are hanging up on pollsters this year (up to 80%) it is likely that the polls are not reflecting the very close nature of this race.

    PS I hope that people just don’t base their votes on what celebrities think. Celebrities have not been keeping up on the facts on this election.

  5. Sasha, going by when the polls open for Dixville Notch, then the 1/8 primary happens with the moon 3 degrees before the Sun, and thus, also not VOC.

    I don’t know which time to choose: the very beginning and its close, or the beginning and/or end for everyone. I do note that Dixville Notch chose Barack Obama as the winner, which didn’t pan out later in the day. Given they close their polls and the others don’t open until 7 or so hours later, its a very interesting astrological quagmire.

    HoB, I think we have the right BO chart, because of Neptune in his first house, it shows how he’s both whatever people think he is, and how he’s hard to pin down/elusive. Of course, this placement could also mean that we are all being duped collectively into seeing him for this when he is something else 🙂

  6. Jass,
    Last night I was working on a chart for Israel with transits for Election Day (around 6:30 am) and used the asteroid ‘Barry’. On ED ‘Barry’ is at 8.46 Scorpio conjunct Obama’s Neptune at 8.36 Scorpio.

  7. Hillary or Bust — I say in my “About” section that I reserve the right to edit comments. When you send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, it’s going to be edited too. That’s just the way life is. Editors are a pain in the butt. Ask any journalist.

    Obviously, I allow multiple viewpoints to be expressed at this site from people on both sides of the political aisle as well as “guest hosts” like Gian Paul, a Swiss native who lives in Brazil and claims to have no interest in the outcome of our political election, beyond his short-term dollar/euro positions. However, I will not approve hateful comments by anyone about anyone. Those are the rules here. — Monica

    P.S. I was just reading Princess Sparkle Pony’s rules for comments. Unlike PSP, I encourage people to “scoop” me in their comments. I also give commenters credit for identifying mistakes that I’ve made. I don’t go back and delete the comment after I’ve made the fix. Commenters have a lot of visibility and freedom on this site as long as they play nice.

  8. Sasha, great find. I was just looking at the Sun transit over Obama’s Neptune, and there is ‘Barry’ too. Something is happening around Obama’s 1st House Neptune. It sounds like the ‘real Barry’ is about to come out.

    A thought came to mind of ‘Barry’, which is what his grandmother still calls him, slipping into the afterlife along with that identity, if she were to pass away at that point.

    I have always seen Neptunian election day energy as very Republican. The GOP Ripon, WI chart set in Feb shows that, as does the Jackson, MI one later in the year. they don’t seem to be able to latch anything on Obama though.

    Anyway, my intention was, in coming here and looking at Obama’s chart this morning, to look at his upcoming transits around the 30th, in regards to what I mentioned above regarding McCain’s possible shift of fortunes, so I’ll include Asteroid ‘Barry’ too.

    Obama’s natal Neptune at 8’36 Scorpio

    Obama’s natal Barry is at 6’04 Leo

    Obama’s natal Sun is at 12’3 leo

    Oct 28th, transiting Sun conjuncts transiting Asteroid Barry at 5′ Scorpio

    Oct 29th, transiting Sun squares Obama’s natal ‘Barry

    Oct 31st, transiting Sun conjuncts Obama’s Natal Neptune

    Oct 31st, transiting Barry squares Obama’s natal Barry

    Nov 4th, transiting Barry conjuncts Obama’s natal Neptune

    Nov 4th, transiting Scorpio Sun squares Obama’s Natal Leo Sun

    That’s a lot of natal conjuncts/squares being triggered by transits for Obama over the next week.

    I don’t see how this is possibly helpful to Obama, as Neptune transits his 1st house, and people wonder about who he is, especially in regards to his past, the first name change, and all.

    Amidst it all, these first days of November, Neptune turns direct.

    November 2008 begins NEPTUNE DIRECT TODAY

    A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. – Winston Churchill

    Reality does not need your acceptance of it to be true, but it does require your acceptance for you to enjoy its gifts. — Alan Cohen


  9. That last link, from Carol Barbeau, is where the quotes come from, here’s what she says about election day (quite a good astrological writer):

    “Tuesday November 4, 2008

    The day which will change your life forever:

    The sun in Scorpio today and the moon in Capricorn

    Until 4:01pm seems to bring forth a feeling of

    Tradition and duty for many.

    Working from within your soul to make decisions

    Today works much better than the head. At 10;47pm

    Last night the MOON WENT V/C after making

    An aspect with Action (Mars in feeling and emotionally

    Connected Scorpio) At 5:33am SATURN AND

    Please see the article at the end of this report. And

    At 8:00am Mercury the planet of how we think

    Moved to intuitive and psychic Scorpio. Feelings

    Are powerful today and by 4:01pm when the moon

    Moves into Aquarius all bets are off.

    What is the last thing in the world you ever thought

    Could happen. HERE IT IS TODAY Folks: on

    Election day. And at 5:16pm an aspect of Mercury

    (ideas and votes) squares the moon in unpredictable

    And original Aquarius. I would not want to be

    Counting votes tonight….”


  10. And after some other things, I took a look at Obama’s progressions on election day.

    Progressed Part of Fortune (which remember transits clockwise) starts at 29’12 Scorpio on election day, his MC is at 28’53. It’s exactly conjunct on November 13th.

  11. Thank you sasha, a very interesting read. Tzipi Livni is liked in Israel, and seems like a wise choice. The asteroid connection you wrote there seems very strong:

    “On Election Day the asteroid Israel is at 18.47 Virgo conjunct Saturn opposing Uranus. This conjunction is transiting Obama’s 7th house (using 7:24 pm Honolulu, HI); this asteroid is natally at 12.09 Cancer (5th house). The Saturn/Israel transit will also conjunct the asteroid Washingtonia at 20.18 Rx Virgo (11th house) in Israel’s natal chart. The asteroid Barry is natally at 12.40 Cancer (9th house) where it conjuncts the asteroid Israel in Obama’s natal chart. On ED Barry will be at 8.46 Scorpio (Israel’s 1st house) conjunct Obama’s natal Neptune (8.36 Scorpio).”

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