John McCain’s 2008 Solar Return Using a 6:25 P.M. Birth Time

I may have been the only astrologer in America who believed John McCain’s Mom. The 96-year-old revealed in a Mother’s Day campaign ad this year that the Republican Presidential contender was born at 11 a.m.

Most stargazers have been relying on a 9 a.m. time that was provided earlier by a McCain staffer to AstroDataBank after talking to the candidate’s mother.

Michael WolfStar at StarIQ rectified McCain’s chart and came up with an 8:38 a.m. time. If you want to read what WolfStar thinks about McCain’s chart, click here.

Well, it turns out everybody was wrong. A birth certificate for McCain, which was brought to my attention on Oct. 12, shows a 6:25 p.m. time of birth on Aug. 29, 1936. That gives McCain an early Pisces rising, an Aquarius Moon, and a Virgo stellium that includes his Sun in the seventh house.

So much for the idea of McCain as a Libra rising because he had dimples. Ditto for the Scorpio rising chart, which gave McCain an angular Mars in Leo at the Midheaven. Here we had the war hero in all his glory. Also, this would have explained the fact that among his Washington colleagues, McCain is known for his temper.

Now that we’ve got what appears to be a real birth time based on a State Dept. document, I’ve rerun McCain’s solar return. I set the chart for Dayton, Ohio, thanks to WolfStar’s excellent research. That’s where the GOP Presidential nominee was when the Sun returned to the exact spot it was when he was born. Here’s McCain’s 2008 solar return.

I’ve since run the solar return for Washington for technical reasons and the chart looks pretty much the same as the one set in Dayton.

It’s got the flamboyant Moon in Leo rising. This chart is basically all about Sarah Palin, whom McCain announced as his vice-presidential nominee on his birthday. That Moon could also explain the media firestorm surrounding the revelation that Palin’s 17-year-old daughter Bristol Palin is pregnant, an announcement that appeared to surprise McCain.

I don’t think Aquarian Sarah Palin is going to be that easy to control on the campaign trail. It’s lucky for the McCain camp that her Democrat counterpart, Biden, is known for exhibiting symptoms of foot-in-mouth disease.

You know what other feisty lady in McCain’s life is an Aquarian? You guessed it: His Mom, who was born Feb. 7, 1912. So maybe Sarah isn’t going away after all.

As an Army brat born in Germany who has had to produce something called the “Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America” numerous times in my life, I long wondered why John McCain hadn’t been asked to come up with a similar document.

Now, someone has produced it for him!

P.S. Comments below may reflect an earlier version of this post, which relied on an 11 a.m. time of birth for McCain.

18 comments on “John McCain’s 2008 Solar Return Using a 6:25 P.M. Birth Time

  1. with a libra rising chart, sara’s jupiter is conjunct mccain’s descendent.

    there is a birth time for sara 4:40 pm sandpoint, idaho.

  2. No don’t think it’s a Scorpio rising.

    I have a Scorpio rising (thanks for the scary thought of appearance change!!!). I have met McCain in person. Just doesn’t seem like a Scorpio rising at all.

    And in 1936 mothers were knocked out for birth. Maybe she woke up at 11:00 and that’s what sticks in her mind.

    Also, in 1936 a child born outside the U.S. on a military base was not considered a natural born citizen. Then Congress changed the law in 1937 streching back to 1918.

    In Congress this year they passed a nonbinding resolution regarding McCain’s birth, declaring him a natural born citizen. So no documents needed.

  3. Cynthia — Thanks for setting the record straight on so many things. I’m not doubting that McCain is a U.S. citizen, though. I just wonder why no official birth certificate has been produced. Scorpio rising — your appearance could change for the better, too! — Monica

  4. But as a note someone I think it was in Washington tried to bring a suit against McCain this year that he was not not a citizen based on a narrow interputation of the 1937 law. Read it in the NY Times. I think it was not heard, but it was interesting.

    The average american 65 and over takes 6 medications a day. They didn’t release that list either.

    A question can you read PTSD in a chart? Do you think McCain has it? My Dad has PTSD and he thinks Mccain has it.

  5. Mandelay — Thanks. You would think as an Army daughter, a Coast Guard granddaughter, an Air Force and Navy sister, and an Army aunt that I would know that one. I’ll have to give McCain’s chart a look-see on that one, Cynthia. Mandelay, do you have any thoughts on McCain’s chart and PTSD? Thanks for writing! — Monica

  6. Looks like an “affable Libra”? Are we all seeing the same man? Those dark, intense eyes and a smile that often seems bitter, as if masking anger more than sweetness. I think the Scorpio ascendant hits the mark! Not that he can’t be pleasant. My father had a Scorpio asc and he looked very much like McCain.

  7. Thanks, Teresa, for writing. It’s funny you should mention the dark intense eyes because there was a picture of McCain in yesterday’s New York Times when he was a young man. He’s with his mom and dad, the Admiral, and they’re standing under a portrait of another admiral, McCain’s grandfather. I looked at the young man and I thought, “He definitely looks like a Scorpio rising to me!”

  8. What do you make of the fact that McCain’s birth certificate (which would give us a clearer picture of his chart–his astrological “appearance” or “face”) is unavailable, or hidden? Sounds like another clue to Scorpio rising …

  9. Cyndi — That’s an excellent point. I love having smart readers who take the time to share their great insights with me and the rest of this blog’s readers. Thanks for taking the time to write. Best, Monica

  10. Need to be careful assigning our modern methods to early recordkeeping and assuming information exists. As a person who also does genealogy research, I run into differences in the information that is collected on various censuses. Ex. on the 1900 census, it asks the month and year of each person enumerated; by the 1920 that information is no longer requested.

    The point I am trying to make is this: I don’t have the original copy of my birth certificate because of a legal technicality my mother was told to destroy it and was issued a 2×3 inch card noting my birth information. I happen to live in the county where I was born so I can see the microfilm record but it has been marked up because of a legal name change.

    My mother was born in 1938 in the US but I’m not sure that she ever got a birth certificate at the time because I recall in the 1970s that she and her older siblings had issues about getting copies of their birth records and proving their date of birth. All she can tell me about her birthtime is that it was around dinnertime. To a Southerner (where she was born) that would be around 1 pm; to a Northerner it would mean closer to 6 pm.

    As far as McCain, I am sure that a birth certificate was issued but would time of birth have been something about which people would have been concerned rather than just a record of the birth. Granted it might be in medical records which have probably been archived, if not lost. The latter is not an impossibility given that the sole copy of the 1890 census was destroyed by fire.

  11. Sacha — Thanks for such a thoughtful post. You make very good points, here, as usual. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with Astrology Mundo’s readers. — Monica

  12. Dear Monica,
    Thanks for this post! Fascinating. What do you make of McCain’s Solar Return Moon being opposite Obama’s natal AC (and the transiting NN/Chiron conjunction)? I would love your take. It seems to me, as in the first debate when McCain couldn’t look Obama in the eye, he really has to struggle with his emotional reaction to his opponent. Whereas Obama’s got all that Aquarian detachment with his AC (not that he isn’t taking it personally, with that Leo Sun (!), but he’s better able to hide it. I’m a Leo Sun/Aq. rising, so that’s my take, anyway! The NY Observer had a great cover of McCain as Kirk and Obama as Spock. And maybe that’s why McCain’s emotional response is so visible (the word erratic keeps floating up regarding him) and Obama seems so cool in comparison? Your post got me thinking, thanks!

  13. Reef — Thanks for writing. I have to say that I was thinking more about how Sarah Palin’s an Aquarius when I saw McCain’s Aquarius Moon.

    You’re right: Obama has definitely kept his cool. Dare I say, I feel sorry for McCain, especially because he seems so confused. I mean, calling the audience “My fellow prisoners” in Pennsylvania was downright scary!

    There are people who say that Obama is “The Manchurian Candidate” because so little is known about his past and he came out of nowhere, but “My fellow prisoners” reminded me of “The Manchurian Candidate’s” story line. — Monica

  14. Monica, I did a little surfing on the net last night and I think I know from where the source of the birth certificate came. There were some legal challenges regarding McCain’s eligibility to become President since he was born in Panama.

    I can’t remember the forum site because I got to it via another astrology blogger’s post and can’t find either now. I did find a link on which links to the forum ( Anyway, a poster on the forum had linked to a number of documents that may have been part of the legal case filings.

  15. Sasha — Thanks for the update. Isn’t it weird the way the document surfaced just as Mercury is getting ready to go direct? — Monica

  16. Ha! Good point! One of my favorite movies. It seems a sort of compulsive self undoing may be going on… McCain’s solar return moon is conjunct the transiting south node after all. And no matter what he does that other young fella (that one!) has the NN on his AC. Even if McC wins, I wonder if he won’t be deeply rattled by how he has behaved in the campaign (or how his campaign behaved)–his sense that he’s the righteous one. Or maybe he believes he was pushed by circumstance to get down and dirty, like his back was to the wall, he had no choice… Anyway, again, great post! Thanks.

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