We’re Still Rich by Comparison

Today, I opened up the statement from a Fidelity retirement fund — one of those no-brainers that ends in a year — and it was down more than 30% in the month of September. Whoa! It was one that I didn’t move to cash when I was telling everyone in August that they should get out of stocks.

Later in the day, I caught up with one of those personalized e-mails from Josh Peck at http://www.one.org expressing disappointment that no questions about world poverty were asked during the recent debate between the U.S. Presidential candidates, even though a petition had been signed by 122,000 people and sent to moderater Tom Brokaw.

If you want to urge candidates Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama not to turn their backs on the world’s poorest countries, you can sign a petition here.

According to the Hunger site, 24,000 people die every day in the world from hunger or hunger-related causes.

As the world’s leaders rebuild the globe’s financial systems during Pluto in Capricorn, let’s make sure that alleviating — no, eradicating — poverty in the developing world is part of the agenda. If we’re bailing out Wall Street banks, why not write off IMF loans as well?

To those who say we’re lining the pockets of despots, you’re right — but I’m not thinking of the guys in Africa. I’m thinking of the ones affiliated with Halliburton and Goldman Sachs.

4 comments on “We’re Still Rich by Comparison

  1. Still relatively rich? Don’t know who was the postgraduate, several times decorated egghead who this day (Moon conjunct Uranus, the latter in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius), suggested that all trading in bank stocks should be suspended as of tomorrow!

    It’s total aberration. Good to create more panic then there already is! The average American and many citizens of other countries either directly or indirectly, via mutual funds and pension funds, or personally, owns some bank stock or another.

    If trading in these shares were really suspended, the true value of any portfolio containing some of the stuff could not be accurately valued.

    That’s the recipe to create a run on banks so far never seen. This suggestion shows a total lack of understanding and incompetence on top of more incompetence. But who is ultimately to blame?

    It’s not totally clear whether the culprit for this crazy idea to suspend trading in bank stocks comes from Britain’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, or from some egghead in his entourage.

    Anyway, it’s Brown who spelled it out, apparently quite proud that Britain had not adopted the euro, and is thus still able to function as a sovereign country.

    I had a look at Brown’s horoscope. I don’t have his birth hour, but it does not really matter, given the urgency of the situation. He was born Feb. 21, 1951.

    What’s striking is that retrograde Uranus is right in the middle of Brown’s natal Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, and transiting Moon activating all that.

    Also: The Sun was exactly conjunct Brown’s Neptune in Libra. (Must have stimulated imagination…).

    Wherever you are seated, better to fasten your seat belt. What a mess…

  2. Cynthia — OMG! Where did you find this? This looks pretty official. Thanks so much. I’m going to run a new chart pronto. — Monica

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