Warren Buffett is Not a Buffet

With the Dow Jones industrial average closing down today 678 points, to 8,579 (a 7% drop), you’d think I’d have something better to rant about than the repeated misspelling of Warren Buffett’s name.

As I like to point out to my astropals, even though the Oracle of Omaha has a cornucopia-like Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Cancer, he is not a “buffet.”

This past week, Buffett’s name has been misspelled by everyone from astrologer Michael WolfStar at StarIQ to The Wall Street Journal, which got the name wrong in an opinion piece by Vernon L. Smith called “There’s no easy way out of a bubble.”

Even though there’s no easy way out of a bubble, there is an easy way to spell Warren Buffett’s name right. Just say to yourself: Warren is not a “buffet.”

Got that, “fellow prisoners”?


9 comments on “Warren Buffett is Not a Buffet

  1. Hey, you are having too much fun.

    Wow, on the market, but it really reeks of manipulations, especially with the shorts back on the scene today.

  2. And according to Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. But you’ll have to have your margarita without me since I don’t drink.

  3. I listened to your radio show, terrific, but I can’t figure out whats wrong with the picture of the presidential race, like you.

    I look at McCain’s chart, and see such a powerful connection with the Saturn-Uranus opposition. The stuff made of destiny. I am wondering, with Saturn moving out of orb from conjuncting McCain’s Neptune and over to opposing the election day Uranus that’s conjunct McCain’s own Saturn.

    Like I said, it’s just amazing that this matched up conjunction signals his downfall, rather than his being of the moments energy.

    I go by the 8:38 AM wolfstar chart, and think its transiting Rx Mercury conjunct his ASC that has befuddled McCain. By the 25th – 30th, with Mercury zinging through the middle of his first house, I’m expecting, assuming this chart is the correct time, that he sees a reversal of his chances.

  4. I just thought about this from the other side though, and maybe, given how strong the Republican connection is to Neptune, McCain is serving as the vehicle for a full-fledged meltdown. As I recall, the Republican Party came about with a split from the Whigs that brought the bankers with them, way back 150 or so years ago. And might the bankers be leaving now?

    McCain’s north node is at ‘0 Capricorn, which Pluto is going to conjunct in Nov.

    The stellium in Aquarius in Feb ’09, a Saturn in Virgo bucket, is amazing. The first month of the next administration will be an amazing Aquarium of energy.

    I always associate the Democratic Party with Saturn, and that seems to stick with them traditionally. That might be what the equinox chart showing Saturn in such 10th House prominence was showing. Democrats taking over the show in DC. It really looks that way.

  5. yes, it is the “details” we need to pay attention to with Saturn in Virgo… and no one is more aware of it now than a Capricorn… except of course, someone with strong Virgo aspects! (;

  6. On Oct. 9 of last year the Dow was at the level it is today, 8500 and some odd points. Monica, with her special touch of (journalistic) humor then thought that Buffett deserved having his name being spelled correctly, for the least!

    Now he’s back in the headlines for saying aloud what so many are fearing: extreme money pumping to “save the economy” will lead to such debt accumulation that the only way out to pay off that unprecedented debt will be INFLATION. So to say a “banana republic recepy”. And the price of gold appears to oblige already…

    With some guts, who buys a nice house in the US now, financed by a fixed 30 – year mortgage at present low rates, should feel like a king not many years away from today.

    PS. Will soon have the visit of a pig farmer. When this old friend announced his coming to Brazil, I obviously had to think of the risks involved. Since years now he lives retired in Spain (thanks to the money he earned with his pigs, which are all in England). Supposedly he sticks to playing golf in Marbela before he comes and will not visit the pigs on his way to South America. I did not ask him the question. Actually I should have, but then he is a friend I haven’t seen for many years…

    We are truly living in a dangerous world. It’s replete with risk. Geithner is only one of them.

  7. I will never understand how mistakes like happen. It’s so easy to check the spelling of anyone’s name. I think it shows a complete lack of journalistic standards. But misspellings of names in the news happens every day — especially on the Web and on the pages of Internet giant Yahoo. I’ve found hundreds of misspelled celebs, athletes, and other well-knowns and documented them at http://terriblywrite.wordpress.com Enjoy!

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