Tax Trouble for Helio

Yahoo! has a story up that Brazilian heartthrob Helio Castroneves, known for his moves on the race track and the dance floor, has been indicted for tax evasion.

Helio, who won the Indy 500 in 2001 and 2002, has been charged with failing to pay $5 million in taxes over four years.

The story is short on detail. I’ll assume that it’s the Internal Revenue Service that has caught up with the Team Penske driver and that he is a U.S. citizen or at least subject to our tax laws.

I happen to have Helio’s chart in my Astrodienst database because I looked at it earlier this year before the running of the Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day.

Helio’s progressed Sun, at 21 degrees of Gemini, is traveling quite closely with his progressed Mercury. Natally, he’s a Taurus Sun, which is sextile Mars in Pisces. The chart is set for noon on May 10, 1975 in São Paulo, Brazil, because the time of birth is unknown.

Transiting Uranus is close to a conjunction with natal Mars right now while transiting Saturn is closing in on an opposition. The progressed Sun/Mercury forms a T-square to this opposition.

Transiting Mars was conjuncting Helio’s Uranus in Libra as the tax evasion charges were announced, not a good transit for partnerships or legal matters.

The transiting Aquarius stellium is squaring Helio’s Sun, suggesting he could be involved in some kind of deception. As an astrologer, I’ll say with all that Neptune hanging around, I’m not sure Helio understood the ramifications of a scheme that was allegedly set up by his sister and his lawyer to evade taxation.

When you’re dancing with the stars, it’s hard to keep your feet on the ground. Helio and partner Julianne Hough won the fifth season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars reality TV show last year.

Gian Paul, our Brazil bureau chief, tells us that it’s the custom in Brazil to have a caixa dois, a hidden kitty or secret stash. Let’s hope that Helio has one to take care of this tax problem.

Since Helio is not from the U.S., he may not be aware of our tax authority’s penchant for going after high-profile tax evaders and making examples of them. Maybe he should talk to Wesley Snipes for the inside scoop on how the IRS likes to play hardball with celebrities.

Helio’s head is in the clouds right now. However, with Uranus close to his Mars and Mars close to his Uranus, he could be accident-prone, so he needs to take care.

4 comments on “Tax Trouble for Helio

  1. Hi there. I know little about mundane astrology, but I’m taking a stab at it with the Canada elections under way. To my knowledge there is no one writing about Canadian politics and astrology! Most of the time I write about the Moon-Sun combo as it dances its way through our weekly charts. Please come visit my blog and consider adding it to your blogroll too. Best wishes!

  2. Sherrieh — I’ll definitely add you to my blog roll. Just read your interesting piece on the Canadian politicians. Please remember that your ignorant neighbors to the South will want to know things that your Canadian readers already know, like the date of your election. This is for Prime Minister, right?

    We’re also interested in the value of the “loonie” down here, if you want to take a crack at that chart!

    Will the U.S. drag Canada into a recession? Our economies are quite intertwined.

    Anyway, good luck and thanks for calling my attention to your blog! — Monica

  3. I consider myself a really excellent “personal” astrologer but I need the help of my colleagues– regarding this bailout, the coming crash, etc..

    December is looking…not so good. Well, really bad. (Finance wise for the U.S.)
    If you had money to save and protect WHERE would you put it, astrology friends? A safe in the wall??

    An FDIC insured bank? Bank of America ? Wachovia (now that it’s been ought by Wells fargo??

    Could the worse to come in December REALLY look like the depression with a run on banks and WILL the FDIC be able to insure our savings??

    I try to read Merriman but it’s confusing.

    What’s up in astro land opinion??

  4. Brazilian news commentators are shocked and dismayed at the kind of treatment that Helio Castroneves is receiving from your folks. Don’t you know that you cannot arrest and handcuff an international idol, especially if he’s Brazilian? After all, he had the bad luck to run into an “incompetent tax accountant.”

    That’s not a crime where Helio comes from.

    Is someone trying to keep foreigners out of running Indy?

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