Eliot Spitzer Tests the Water

As astrologers, we know that we’ll be hearing from folks from our past under a Mercury retrograde. That also applies to public figures that we don’t know personally, who can make a comeback under Merc retro.

To wit: Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York state, is featured a Q&A in the Sept. 25 week’s edition of Time Out New York. Spitzer is one of the magazine’s “New York 40.”

This makes sense as Spitzer is a Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. The chart comes from The Reluctant Astrologer, which like Astrology Mundo uses the Regulus template designed by Ben Millbanks at Binary Moon. (Thanks again, Ben!) Check out Reluctant’s post on Spitzer.

Spitzer, as you may recall, made a lot of enemies on Wall Street by cracking down on financial shenanigans before being elected governor of New York in what seemed to be a unanimous vote. That’s how admired the guy was by the public.

Then, in March, right before I started Astrology Mundo, Spitzer was caught up in a call girl scandal and resigned to focus on his heartbroken family and so that the wheels of government could start turning again.

The specter of “Mr. Clean” being undone by a femme fatale brought operations in Albany, New York’s capital, to a complete halt as politicos and civil servants stopped working to speculate on Spitzer’s future and to indulge in a little schadenfreude, the great German word that means happiness over someone else’s misfortune. Spitzer was succeeded by his lieutenant, David Paterson, an African-American who is legally blind.

I’m not saying Spitzer’s poised for a comeback, but in the midst of the financial meltdown, I’ve seen some references in blogs to “Eliot Spitzer, where are you when we need you?”

I’m not going to defend Spitzer’s stupidity or hubris, but I do think he may ultimately rehabilitate himself. Based on astrology, he still faces some upheaval. The Uranus/Saturn opposition of Election Day squares his Gemini Sun, a formula that Reinhold Ebertin, in The Combination of Stellar Influences, says can result in “physical exposure to severe tests of strength, the power of resistance, and separation.”

I created a new category for Spitzer: “Fallen Heroes.”


5 comments on “Eliot Spitzer Tests the Water

  1. Well, no doubt. From the start, people didn’t get that the problem wasn’t sleeping with prostitutes, socks on or off — the problem was that he used his knowledge of how criminals work to perform the criminal act of money laundering. Not something you do lightly, easily or by mistake. But no one will remember that any more than they remembered that Nixon was a cynical Red-baiter. He needs a little more time, but it’ll come. He’ll be Mayor at least.

    As for where he was when he was needed? He was in office. Contrary to popular belief, this didn’t happen last week. The meltdown began a little more than a year ago (I remember it well, I was in a room with one of the chief melters), the problems years before that. And it happened before, not so many years ago, but we called it the savings & loan bailout, and since it had a different name there was nothing we could learn from it. There’s so little that can be done on the state level to control multi-national banks and corporations, and the national politicians still have this 1850s fantasy about the “free” market, so they will never argue against letting companies make as much money as they can no matter what. Which is why I’m studying Swedish.

  2. Well, then I guess you know the Swedes had a little banking crisis of their own in the early 1990s and they figured a way out of it. Yeah, money laundering is a serious crime. Thanks for commenting! I think the sport has changed from Monica-baiting to Carl-baiting since days of yore. I think I may have to do a post on East Timor to really bring back the glory days of this dynamic duo.

  3. Monica – Since the lady who became “famous” because of Eliot Spitzer’s nighttime predilections is Brazilian, let me jump into this hilarious conversation:

    First, since you refer to “Schadenfreude,” in German, anyone interested may look up what “Spitzer” means in that same language. We are having real fun now…

    Concerning “Brazilian exports”: Sheik Lula, when he met the other day with Chavez from Venezuela, made two interesting comments during their press conference;

    1) Lula revealed that the nuclear plant (civil) which the Russians will now build in Venezuela for what I thought a real modest sum of only $1 billion(!), had originally been “ordered via the Internet.” These guys sure know how to use technology!

    2) Brazilian exports to the U.S. will shortly be similar to Venezuela’s: It will be oil and oil and oil, (from Brazil the light variety, low sulfur). So U.S. politicians may soon have to look for other sources for “exotic imports.”

  4. Gian Paul — According to the New York newspapers and the Wiki, Ashley Youmans Dupré, aka “Kristen,” was born in New Jersey. Therefore, I’m not sure she can be considered a Brazilian export. However, her mother’s name is Carolyn Capalbo, which sounds like it could be Brazilian to me. Perhaps she is Brazilian on her mother’s side. In terms of names, Spitzer’s and otherwise, I truly believe they are destiny. And, yes, I’m working on your post about destiny. — Monica

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