Mercury Retrograde Alert: Shortages Possible

Folks, my friends will tell you that I’m either wildly optimistic (three planets in Sagittarius) or doom in gloom (three planets in Capricorn), depending on what the Moon (I’ve got it in Cancer) is doing.

I don’t like hysteria. The crazier people get, the calmer I get.

So I’m issuing this warning in the most cautious way possible: I don’t like the looks of this upcoming Mercury retrograde. The Winged Messenger changes direction and appears to be moving backward from our perspective on Sept. 23 at 28 degrees of Libra, conjunct Mars in the same degree.

As this blog points out, the retro happens square the Moon at 28 Cancer.

What this Merc retro blog doesn’t point out is that the Merc/Mars is sextile Pluto in Sagittarius, which will be inconjunct that Cancer Moon.

Depending on where you live, there could be interruptions in the supplies of gasoline, heating oil, electrical power, groceries, and cash in ATM machines. This is already happening in areas of Louisiana and Texas, which have been hit by hurricanes and are without electrical power.

For my international readers, this warning is for people in the Continental U.S. and Eastern Canada.

As someone who had $20 in her wallet and no food or candles in the house on Aug. 14, 2003, the day the Northeast Blackout occurred, I can tell you it’s not a lot of fun.

I just was reading Nancy’s Blog and here’s what she had to say on Sept. 18, the day after I first posted this warning:

“I am on my way out of town, and the power has been off all day. So the article I was hoping to finish won’t be available until the weekend.” Coincidence? Perhaps. Merc hasn’t turned retro yet, but I’m hearing a lot about these kinds of interruptions. Nancy lives in Maryland, by the way, not Houston or New Orleans.

So go shopping, folks! Stock up on what you need — bottled water, toilet paper, canned tuna, soup, candles, pet food. Keep a little cash around the house.

Don’t wait till the ATM in your town is out of money or the gas station is closed because they’ve run out of fuel. (There has been a shutdown of oil refineries in the Houston area that may affect the Northeast later in the month.)

I’m not hitting the panic button here. I’m just advising people to be aware that the transportation and distribution system in the U.S., which normally is foolproof, could be subject to some glitches during this upcoming Merc retrograde, which ends Oct. 15.

And if my astrological prediction is wrong, the worst that can happen is that you’ve got a few extra rolls of toilet paper around the house. Nothing wrong with that.

As Meryl Streep’s character liked to say in The Devil Wears Prada, “That’s all.”


5 comments on “Mercury Retrograde Alert: Shortages Possible

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  2. That’s good advice and thanks again for the reminder. When the 1989 quake hit in San Francisco, cash was king because there was no electricity for credit card readers, ATMs, etc. I’m going to start stocking up in a minor way right now.

  3. Yeeks Monica! This is excellent advice. The Mercury Rx is when I go out of town for a family wedding. I’ve been to see this child of mine on a Merc Rx before and all was well but he has Merc Rx natally…

    This time things are quite different thanks to our financial “experts.” ;-(

    You’re doing some great posts here, you know!! jude

  4. Jude — Thanks for the kind words. As you know, there are so many cross-currents out there right now, that it’s hard to know where one stands.
    I have a friend with Mercury retro and things are always go great for her during Merc retrograde, so I’m sure all will be well at the family wedding, though some guests might turn up late. — Monica

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