What’s Ailing AIG: Sasha Says

Hi, folks. Sasha, one of Astrology Mundo’s more prolific commenters, is back with an analysis of AIG that certainly deserves its own post.

In her post, Sasha says AIG could be getting some good news tomorrow as the Sun transits its Part of Fortune. Interesting, because Bloomberg is reporting that the government is considering “conservatorship” for the insurer. That’s what they did for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Over to you, Sasha, and thank you for all your hard work!

“American International Group (AIG) was incorporated on 6/9/1967 in Wilmington, Delaware.
Source: http://stockmarketcompass.com/incorporationdates_djia30/incorp_30/aig.htm

I used 12 noon for the birth chart with transits set for 9/16/08, and it is a doozy of a chart. There are lots of hard aspects, taking into account only the transits. No wonder AIG has been hit hard.

The chart has a Virgo Ascendant, at 7.28, with Pluto, Uranus, and Part of Fortune at 18.0, 20.20, and 24.30 degrees of Virgo, respectively. Transiting Saturn is at 13.25 Virgo and just starting to hit these natal points.

Having had Saturn go through my 12th and 1st houses the last few years, I know what a traumatic experience that can be. In AIG’s chart, transiting Saturn is inconjunct natal Saturn at 10.45 Aries.

It gets worse. Transiting Uranus at 20.33 Pisces (7th house) is exactly opposing AIG’s natal Uranus. Natal Neptune (3rd house) at 22.18 Scorpio is also getting an exact square from transiting Neptune at 22.03 Aquarius, perhaps indicating the difficulty in persuading private investors to loan money to the world’s largest insurer.

The natal chart has Jupiter (3.00 Leo) conjunct Venus (3.04) in the 11th house. Mercury at 12.06 Cancer is also in the 11th. The Sun is in the 10th at 18.08 Gemini conjunct Pallas (17.34), reflecting AIG’s preeminence in the world insurance industry. Many people are also familiar with AIG’s retirement investment company SunAmerica, emphasis on “Sun” here. Transiting Pallas is at 14.18 Gemini. The Moon is also in the 10th at 5.12 Cancer.

Natal Mars at 16.14 Libra in the 2nd house is representative of the aggressive business tactics of this company. Transiting Mars just passed its natal point and is currently at 17.52 Libra. Transiting Mercury and Venus have recently crossed Mars and remain in the 2nd house for at least another week. Will the upcoming Mercury retrograde be the final nail in the coffin or will the Winged Messenger give AIG some breathing room?

The Sun should conjunct AIG’s Part of Fortune tomorrow. If there is any good news, it will come then. Of course, if AIG survives, it will face a transiting Jupiter opposition to natal Jupiter/Venus later next year and Pluto inconjunct this same Jupiter/Venus in late 2010.

A few other points: Natal Vesta at 19.06 Scorpio will soon be opposed by transiting Vesta, currently at 14.53 Taurus. Natal Ceres is located 26.23 Cancer, hinting of the nature of AIG’s insurance business. The Sabian Symbol for Cancer 27: “A violent storm in a residential canyon filled with expensive homes.”

I looked at the progressed chart. The progressed Sun is at 27.30 Cancer and making a loose conjunction with natal Ceres, Jupiter, and Venus. Progressed Mercury and progressed Pallas, both at 12.16 Cancer ,are conjunct natal Mercury.

Progressed Moon is at 19.07 Capricorn (5th house) and may benefit from transiting Jupiter at 12.38 Capricorn. However, transiting Jupiter is inconjunct progressed Jupiter and progressed Ceres at 11.24 and 14.24 Leo, respectively, and square natal (10.46) and pr Saturn (12.27) in Aries. Progressed Venus is at 8.08 Virgo having just crossed the natal Ascendant.

Side note: While Googling for info, I also came across this interesting piece of history: The Arab-Israeli Six-Day War occurred between June 5 and June 10, 1967.”

That’s it from Sasha. My feeling about AIG: It should be looking for investors from China, since the company traces its roots back to Shanghai in the early 20th century. Sasha used the incorporation chart because this is a matter of public record, and it would be hard to discover exactly what day AIG started selling policies in China.


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  4. Just a further note about AIG.

    Cornelius Vander Starr founded his first company, American Asiatic Underwriters, in November 1919 in Shanghai, China. I don’t have the actual date but I am not sure that it matters. Regardless of the specific day in November 1919, Pluto was at 7 Cancer on the 11th house cusp. His first US office (located in New York) under the name of American International Underwriters opened in 1926 (date unknown).

    There is no doubt that AIG and its predecessors are Pluto ruled. Pluto has an orbit of 164 years. When you divide 164 by 4 you get 41. If you fast forward 41 years from 1926, you end up in 1967, the year AIG incorporated and RESTRUCTURED the various related subsidiaries under one holding company.

    Guess what, it is 41 years later. It appears AIG will again be transformed; the only questions are how this will take place and what will it become. A Scorpio Sun would be able to tap into that Pluto power much more easily than a Sagittarius Sun. The latter, however, would account for the expansive empire under the AIG umbrella.

  5. Monica,

    Not sure I have the heart to compare this chart, but wanted to put the info out there for another ambitious soul.

    Birthdate for American International Underwriters – 02 Dec 1926
    Courtesy of New York State, Department of State, Division of Corporations

  6. Monica,

    maybe the following will explain the turmoil.

    Late last night (actually, in the wee hours of this morning) I finally found a correct? date for American Asiatic Underwriters. A biography of CV Starr at the Starr Foundation website stated that he began operations on December 19, 1919.

    Here are the natal positions, using 8 am Shanghai. I am assuming he started working first thing in the morning and not at midday.
    Sun – 26.02 Sagittarius (12th)
    Moon – 18.41 Scorpio (10th)
    Mercury – 4.37 Sagittarius (11th)
    Venus – 11.01 Scorpio (10th)
    Mars – 9.57 Libra (9th)
    Jupiter – 17.50 Leo (8th)
    Saturn – 11.40 Virgo (8th)
    Uranus – 28.29 Aquarius (2nd)
    Neptune – 11.14 Leo (7th)
    Pluto – 6.57 Cancer (4th)
    NN – 24.39 Scorpio (10th)
    Part of Fortune – 3.19 Sagittarius
    Vertex – 20.00 Leo
    Chiron – 2.29 Aries
    Pallas – 22.2 Aquarius
    Ceres – 24.59 Pisces
    Vesta – 15.04 Scorpio
    ASC – 10.40 Capricorn
    MC – 28.34 Libra
    2nd/8th cusp – 17.37 Aquarius/Leo
    3rd/9th cusp – 25.52 Pisces/Virgo
    5th/11th cusp – 24.53 Taurus/Scorpio
    6th/12th cusp – 17.43 Gemini/Sagittarius

    Tr Jupiter has been close to the Ascendant and inconjunct natal Jupiter. The February 2008 solar eclipse at 17-18 Aquarius hit the chart’s 2nd/8th house cusps and Jupiter in Leo (ouch). The 1926 (noon) chart has Jupiter at 21.09 Aquarius. The 6th/12 house cusps were also in the same degree.

    The August 2008 solar eclipse impacted natal Neptune while the subsequent lunar eclipse hit natal Pallas. The 1926 chart has a Sagittarius Sun at 9.26, the same degree as this eclipse.

    The recent full moon and tr Uranus hit the natal Ceres. The 1926 chart also has Uranus at 25.32 Pisces, Neptune at 26.59 Leo, Mercury at 25.53 Scorpio, and Saturn at 29.58 Scorpio.

    This chart has just experienced both a Saturn return in the 8th house of death and a Mars return in the 9th. Tr Pluto has been hitting the natal Sun for quite some time but that should soon pass. Longtime CEO Hank Greenberg resigned 14 March 2005 when Pluto was at 24.28 Sagittarius.

    I do not have the expertise to analyze every detail; my mind is spinning from the little I have done. What is clear is that the 1967 chart is ugly in the face of the current transits. When the 1919 and 1926 charts are thrown in, it only underlines the chaos we see being played out.

    Unrelated detail: The Jupiter in the 1919 chart is conjunct my Leo Ascendant by 30 seconds.

  7. Sasha, have just re-read all the details here and your additions.

    What drab pictures! and since Astrology is often used in big finance (or Financial Astrologers employed) I must remain incredulous that these professionals, these ‘experts’ could possibly have not seen All of this coming from miles (years) away and prepared themselves (aka used it to their advantage – not to ours obviously.)

    Is it a cashless society what they have in mind… forcing the ‘amero’ upon us as some say?

  8. Not an astrological comment – having worked for AIG’s mortgage insurance subsidiary a few years ago, I have a slightly different perspective.

    Former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg, for all his faults and he certainly has them, is a brilliant business strategist. This is not a defense of the man, merely an acknowledgement that he is very shrewd and that it was his goal to make AIG the biggest, the best, and the strongest. One has to wonder had he not resigned three years ago, might he have foreseen the coming bubble and been able to make some adjustments.

    Here is a blog that I came across last night that supports that view.

    Back in the early 1990s when the oil boom went bust, the Oil Belt states suffered job losses in a well-paying arena as well as a real estate value collapse. The losses in the MI industry were substantial and several of my company’s competitors went under completely. Greenberg personally came down here to chop off the head of the one who screwed up. My coworkers said that if there was ever a collapse in the California market that our MI company would be screwed, along with a number of others.

    A lot has been made about not bailing out the rich stockholders but many of the people I worked with and probably those in the other AIG subsidiaries, including myself, also participated in the stock participation plan so we had a vested interest in seeing AIG succeed, not fail. This stock had also been in many 401K portfolios so this is not just a case of the big boys losing their shirts. This is probably true of a lot of the companies on the brink today.

    That said, the RISKS in insurance are very Jupiterian – win big or lose big.

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