Sarah Palin, SuperMom of Her Country?

Liberals in the U.S. are astounded at how the Sarah Palin Express has roared out of the station. It’s all Sarah all the time, from this blog to Saturday Night Live, where Tina Fey came back on Sept. 13 and impersonated the Republican vice-presidential nominee to great acclaim.

With her triple Aquarius conjunction in Sun/Mars/Saturn on the U.S. Moon, Sarah Palin is emerging as the SuperMom of her country. Why? Because she and her family mirror the concerns of working-class Americans who are clamoring for recognition with Saturn in Virgo.

The Palins are like many American families, struggling to balance work and home life and not always succeeding. We relate to their troubles. The more dirt that the media unearths about the Palins, the more sympathy they generate for the clan. Who among us would want reporters and bloggers putting our lives under the microscope and exposing all of our petty — and not so petty — crimes?

Why do we want someone like us in the White House, or in Palin’s case, a heartbeat away from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? Because we’re a Cancer country and we want to be mirrored. For those who don’t know the psychological jargon, mirroring is something babies want from their mothers.

It’s something we often do unconsciously, which has a lot do with the Moon, the ruler of Cancer. Do you ever notice that you’re crossing your leg or holding your hand in the same position as the person who’s talking to you? You’re mirroring that person.

Remember how George W. Bush was able to persuade Wal-Mart shoppers and Nascar fans that he was just like them by dropping his g’s and coming up with cute nicknames for everybody, even though he is a member of a political dynasty? With his Cancer Sun, mirroring America came naturally to Dubya.

We want someone who looks and acts like us because we’re still infants in our psychological development as a country, a topic I’ve posted about in the past.

That’s why Americans are famous for traveling to exotic places and then complaining how things aren’t the way they are at home. Unfortunately, thanks to globalization and American imperialism, things are increasingly the same overseas as they are here, but that’s another post.

Let’s put aside the fact that GOP Presidential nominee John McCain, a war hero who survived torture and imprisonment (most of us could not do that), is married to a millionaire who is clearly not one of us. I know his name is first on the ticket, but that’s not who’s got everybody worked up into a frenzy.

Unlike the Bushes, the Palins don’t have to pretend to be one of us. As astrological bloggers such as AstroBarry have pointed out, the Palin story has something for everyone.

First, we have Sarah, the hockey mom and PTA activist who became a small-town mayor and then the governor of Alaska. Like a good Mom, she doled out goodies to the kids — $1,500 checks to Alaska residents, their windfall from the skyrocketing profits that oil companies have made in the resource-rich 49th state.

Sarah’s married to high-school sweetheart Todd, known as the “First Dude.” He’s a commercial fisherman and oil industry worker that the vice-presidential nominee calls “my guy.” Sarah may be known as “Sarah Barracuda” from her years as a high school basketball star, but Todd Palin is a champion snowmobile racer with no shortage of good looks and testosterone. He’s also part Eskimo, so the Palins have the ethnic thing covered.

Sarah’s tough, but Todd wears the insulated pants in the family.

Their son Track Palin, 18, is being hailed as a hero after deploying to Iraq on Sept. 11, but browse the blogs and you’ll find allegations that he vandalized school buses. He was underage when the incident allegedly happened so his name was not revealed in the press, but one of his partners in crime has pointed the finger at him. Now, media sources are disputing these rumors, as commenter Sasha points out below.

Track Palin’s sudden deployment reminds me of the Bruce Springsteen ditty, Born in the USA: “Got in a little hometown jam, so they put a rifle in my hand”

On to the rest of the Palin kids. We all know that 17-year-old Bristol Palin is five months pregnant and her parents are promising she’ll marry the father of the baby, Levi Johnston, whom the press has dubbed Bristol’s “Baby Daddy.”

Rounding out the family are daughters Willow, 14, and Piper, 7, who have been taking turns babysitting their new baby brother Trig, who was born in April with Down syndrome, while Mom hits the campaign trail. Even though she knew in advance that Trig had an extra 21st chromosome (the cause of Down syndrome), abortion was not an option for Palin, who doesn’t believe in it except for when the mother’s life is in danger.
I think some former Hillary supporters who are pro-choice and pro-gay are secretly planning to vote for McCain because of Sarah. Don’t underestimate her appeal among working moms who feel they don’t get their due. They may not agree with all of Sarah’s actions (many of which appear to be clothed in half-truths), but they want her to win. She’s one of them.

A lot of Wal-Mart Moms liked Hillary, especially at the end of the campaign when she found her groove and settled into the persona that Maureen Dowd of The New York Times dubbed the “Scranton gal.” And those Wal-Mart Moms aren’t going to vote for Obama because they don’t like the way he treated their gal.

Hillary’s desire to be all things to all voters ended up confusing them. If she had started with the Scranton gal script and stuck to it, she would have been better off, as Dowd has pointed out.

As much as Hillary genuinely cares about the welfare of American families and has spent her life working on behalf of children, voters couldn’t identify with her. They didn’t really know who she is, an issue that’s also dogging Barack Obama. We saw Hillary eating corn dogs at the county fair, but we knew she’d never opened a can of Dinty Moore’s beef stew for dinner. Sarah Palin might.

Did Hillary cook for her Bill and Chelsea? I suppose she did, though the media reported that Bill Clinton, pre-heart attack, subsisted on a diet of Big Macs and late-night pizza, the way many of us do.

It was interesting how aristocratic white male Southerners hated Bill’s humble roots. They couldn’t believe that a “Bubba” got elected President. But that persona struck such a chord with the electorate that Bush had to pretend to be a Bubba himself.

Here’s how we can resolve our fascination with the Palin clan: Someone should make a reality TV series about them, akin to American Family, the PBS documentary about the Louds that aired in the early 1970s. Maybe one of the Palins will come out of the closet the way that Lance Loud did on TV. Then the Palins really would have something for everyone. (Sadly, Lance Loud died of AIDS-related complications in 2001.)

If I’m dating myself with this Seventies nostalgia, then the Palins could be the subject of a reality TV show like the one about Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and their dysfunctional kids.

My mind runs wild about the twists and turns that their lives could take: Track brings an Iraqi bride home to Alaska (in the reality TV show, they have to stay in Alaska), while Willow discovers oil in the backyard in Wassila. It turns out that “Baby Daddy” isn’t the father of Bristol’s child, it’s really his best friend. The possibilities are endless in this real-life soap opera.

Wouldn’t it be great to see how the story turns out for this energetic and attractive bunch without being subjected to their conservative agenda?


7 comments on “Sarah Palin, SuperMom of Her Country?

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  2. You are way too open-minded, I’m afraid. Ms. Everymom has three homes. Three. When people are struggling to hold on to anything in this country. Her family apparently has its own seaplane. Her nanny, the NYTimes implied credibly today, is on the state payroll.

    Her son, if the paper recently given credibility in the Edwards scandale is to be believed, was a major drug abuser; couple that, so to speak, with the abstinence-only knocked-up daughter, and you wonder where Mom is for her litter. If anyone opened Dinty Moore, I kinda doubt it was the MILF with the manicure from the trailer salon written up in Sunday Styles. She was too busy giving women a worse name by carrying out petty vendettas and letting the insulated pantload run the show.

    One question you raise as praise is also interesting: Why would a woman so committed to birthing a flawed baby have amniocentesis anyway? So she could brag on the campaign trail? (And you don’t mention her having flown home all the way from Texas allegedly with amniocentesis fluid leaking — heckuva maternal instinct there, Supermom.)

    What is most appalling is that this political climber is being trotted out by the wingnuts as proof that women can get ahead without affirmative action. And how exactly did that come to be? Does no one remember the ugly old days when employers were allowed to ask women when their last period was, to be sure pregnancy was not going to interfere with their work?

    I can’t keep up with all the great campaign slogans, but I like most Gina Gershon’s “if she shoots you in the face, it’s because that’s where she’s aiming” (paraphrased) and Anonymous’s “America thinks it’s going to bed with the sexy librarian but is going to wake up with a 72-year-old dead guy.”

    Will we have to wait eight years for Oliver Stone to come out with the bio-pic revealing this as the most cynical and patently absurd selection of a vice presidential candidate in history?

    (I was going to drop old PotatoeHead’s name in here but remembered after a friend brought it up after the bake sale that he set off a shitstorm when Murphy Brown had an out-of-wedlock baby on the teevee. Dan, where are you? A nation turns its jaded eyes to you. And to Bristol, not even given a Juno choice in life.)

    I had a terrible mother in many ways, but she did a better job of raising her seven kids in a repressed America than the Naughty Monkey aficionada has done with all the uncountable advantages available to her thanks to seriously tough women having fought the good fight. If a lying ballbuster is Supermom, shoot me now.

  3. Gastropoda, most women over 35 are advised to undergo amniocentesis. However, there are other blood tests that can be done to screen for the likelihood the a fetus has Down Syndrome. Those tests can yield false positives or negatives. In which case, doing an amniocentesis would be the best way of confirming the diagnosis. A confirming diagnosis gives mothers who are planning on keeping their child at least a chance to prepare for the needs. That is one of the purposes of the test.

    Sarah Palin has been painted as black and white, so it would not be surprising if she wanted to know exactly what the situation was. Palin was probably given an HIV test as part of her prenatal testing but that doesn’t mean she has AIDS.

    During her first trimester, Palin would also have had Neptune transiting her Aquarius descendant (I am using a 4:40 pm birthtime). Since this was her 5th child, if I have calculated correctedly, this would show in her 1st house. Saturn (6.34 Virgo) was transiting her natal (1st house) Uranus at 8.42 Virgo at that time.

    Transiting Jupiter (19.48 Sagittarius) was also approaching conjunction with her natal 5th house Ceres at 21.38 Sagittarius. I believe it quite possible that she was getting conflicting test results and the amniocentesis was advised.

    I used a Nov 2, 2007 date for transits since it would fall along her 12th week of pregnancy assuming a 5/16/08 anticipated delivery date – news sources indicated a mid-May delivery was expected.

    In 2006/2007 I had Neptune near or crossing my Aquarius descendant. The doctors were looking for pacemaker endocarditis. In July 2006 blood cultures came back negative, a transthoracic echocardiogram and a transesophogeal echocardiogram also came back with no indication of endocarditis.

    In the following months I underwent CAT scans, PET scans, a bone marrow biopsy, and a cytoscopy looking for cancer and amyloidosis. In May 2007 four sets of blood cultures done at Duke University came back positive, but blood cultures at my local hospital came back negative – taken only three days after the second set of Duke cultures. Even the Duke cultures were inconsistent – 3 said I had MRSA, 1 said I had MSSA.

    Of course, it didn’t help that Saturn was transiting my 12th house Mars and my Leo Ascendant and squaring my natal Sun/Neptune conjunction (Neptune was also squaring that same conjunction and opposite transiting Saturn).

    As for the seaplane thing, that is probably not uncommon in Alaska. Getting to remote areas is probably quicker and safer given the sparse population, sparser roads and long distances. There are NO roads between Nome and Anchorage. The driving distance from Wasilla to Prudhoe Bay where Todd Palin worked only part of the year is 814.82 miles (29 hrs 7 min).

    Sorry this is so long, but I get really pissed off when I get e-mails about Obama being Muslim or read comments that Trig isn’t Sarah Palin’s baby without anything other than RUMOR on the extreme blogs (right or left). These then get spread from blog to blog without any substantiation.

    Already Newsvine, a subsidiary of MSNBC, has reported that the story that Track was involved in vandalism is not true.

  4. Sasha — I’m so sorry you had to go through the fog of Neptune and deal with the medical establishment. You didn’t say how everything turned out, but I hope you’re well.

    I’ve amended my post above to reflect your “reporting” that the school bus vandalism story is a hoax. I hope that it is and I hope that it was Track’s decision to join the Army and not his parents idea, as a punishment for youthful escapades of some kind or another.

    Also, thanks for keeping this blog focused firmly on astrology, with your excellent calculations. Best, Monica

  5. All right, I have a combative streak, so I have to weigh in again with no knowledge of serious astrology. Sasha, I second our blog-mistress’s hope that you are well after the hell you went through.

    And I accept the idea that maybe Supermom underwent the amniocentesis just to brace for the worst, but her general attitude seems to be that the lord will provide, so that strikes me as odd as well. My friends who have had babies are marveling that a woman so adamantly opposed to abortion would put the fetus through the test. (And, I add, rather than simply praying.)

    As for the seaplane, I’ve been to Alaska. Met Alaska folks on Kodiak Island. Spent the better part of a week on a halibut boat. Did not hear much talk of a seaplane in every garage. (Isolation is a given in that state; people flock there for that reason.) Maybe things have changed as pork has flowed into the state under the wonder governor, but this is like Cindy McSame’s saying a private plane is the best way to get around Arizona. I was born and raised in Arizona. Cars work.

    But I agree with your battling back against blog-driven rumors. Luckily for our imperiled country, the Supermom is now being revealed as a very dark shade of gray. If the cynics who plucked her out of nowhere had not been so cynical, rumors would not be everywhere. It’s almost as if they wanted to perpetuate the image of conniving women.

    And it’s hard to defend a woman who just said, for the 35th time, that she told Washington no thanks for the bridge to nowhere. That is a flat-out lie.

    Some role model for women today.

    Okay. My turn to apologize for going on so long. And off topic.

  6. She’s lied about everything since she arrived on the scene, so I really don’t see how the we’re supposed to believe her about anything without being branded as gullible. The same goes for McCain. These two are simply a continuation of the disaster this country has been going through with Bush, and I guess even with the banking system collapsing all around us, the majority is going to ride happily into the apocalypse with more of the same.

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