McCain and Palin on Inauguration Day

I’ve run a progressed composite chart with transits for Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama and his running mate Joe Biden for noon on Inauguration Day, and one good progressed composite deserves another.

Here’s the same setup for Republican nominee John McCain and his vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin.

What’s interesting about both these progressed composites (assuming the times are right) is that the progressed Moon changed signs near the time the Presidential candidate announced his running mate. With Obama/Biden, the progressed Moon went into Sagittarius, the same sign as the progressed Sun.

With the McCain and Palin progressed composite chart, the Moon is at 5 degrees of Libra, a good placement for partnership. On the day the Palin was announced (Aug. 29, McCain’s birthday), the progressed Moon was one degree past a conjunction with the North Node at 0 degrees of Libra.

The chart, which uses an unconfirmed 4:40 p.m. birth time for Palin and an 6:25 birth time for McCain, has some pretty positive aspects on Inauguration Day.

Transiting Juno, Sun, and Jupiter are quite close to the McCain/Palin progressed composite Sun and Mercury, for starters. Suffice it to say this chart only works if Palin stays in the race. She’s riding high now, but Neptune is on her Aquarius stellium so anything could happen.


11 comments on “McCain and Palin on Inauguration Day

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  3. So true, but a progressed composite is going to work with dates of birth and no times. The only thing that will be wrong are the house cusps and the progressed Moon.

  4. If you run the inauguration for noon, you get a massive Aquarius stellium in the midheaven.
    Palin has a massive Aquarius stellium in her midheaven.

    Care to comment?

  5. So… When IS Gian Paul starting his own blog? Sign me up! Fascinating thoughts on his Nov 2008 election prediction. I find myself frequently checking the pages here for his next installment. I want more please!
    How can I be assured I’ll see his next entry? Thanks

  6. Pamela — Gian Paul has his own “category” down the righthand side of the blog. Scroll down until you see “The View From Brazil.” Glad you like his stuff. It’s quite interesting. — Monica

  7. Pamela – Glad to read your kind reaction. Often I doubt if I should really express my views, but it’s difficult to just keep them to myself. Living in the Brazilian tropical forest (for other reasons than astrological), I was lucky some weeks ago to run into Monica and her blog. I’m having fun and hope others are as well.

    Life is too short to get bogged down with administrative obstacles. Monica is so efficient and gracious at the same time that if I can help “spice” up her blog a bit, I am perfectly happy! Does the world need yet another blog? I think not. Best, GP

  8. Being off duty today (all markets closed), and reading the news, just saw that jailed Barack Obama fund-raiser Antoin “Tony” Rezco is whispering secrets to the Feds about corruption in Illinois.

    One thing at a time folks. Yesterday, Sarah Palin got the blame for “abuse of power.” The Moon yesterday was conjunct Neptune in the sky. Now it’s Obama who’s getting hit: Moon conjunct Uranus in a couple of hours or so. And Uranus and Neptune are in mutual reception!

    Fascinating, astrologically speaking. I am totally indifferent on who wins the elections, though I like Palin’s pretty face, I admit.

    My “shoot from the hip” opinion: Today’s Moon transit with Uranus weighs more heavily. It’s on the Saturn/Uranus axis, which we all expect to “do something” on Nov. 4th when this transit becomes exact…

  9. You are the BEST Monica. Kind thanks for the hard work you do providing us with a “place” to visit while online.

    Gian Paul keep on keeping on! Don’t think for one minute you shouldn’t share your insights. I will be reading with interest your posts. Just say it! We will be listening.

    All the best always, Pamela

  10. Pamela — Thanks so much for your kind words. “Meeting” readers like you and Gian Paul has made this enterprise more satisfying than I ever imagined. — Monica

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