Triple Libra Conjunction in September

I’ve never seen The Fantasticks, the world’s longest-running musical that is back on Broadway, but the play’s signature tune Try to Remember lingers in my memory. I think it was on an Andy Williams album that my mother used to play while dusting the Danish Modern furniture in the living room. (The Shadow of Your Smile was on the same LP.)

Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh, so mellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and grain was yellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
When you were a tender and callow fellow.
Try to remember, and if you remember,
Then follow.

The lyrics by Tom Jones may be a bit corny, but the melody by Harvey Schmidt is a classic in my American songbook.

As crazy and chaotic as this month has started out to be, there’s a beautiful triple conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Mercury in the partnership-oriented sign of Libra. It squares Jupiter in Capricorn as the Great Expander is turning direct.

The aspects are most powerful from Sept. 7 to 10. So look deep within your heart, remember your dream, and follow.


8 comments on “Triple Libra Conjunction in September

  1. Can you tell me anything else about a mercury, venus, mars triple conjunction? I was born with one in libra… all three planets square moon… all three planets trine jupiter.

  2. Kisha — Wow, what a creative lineup! Fantastic for partnerships and artistic endeavors. I’m happy to respond to your question, but can you provide more detail? For instance, birth data — date, time, and place? Are you doing anything special next week since the transits in the sky seem to echo the ones in your chart? Thanks for writing!– Monica

  3. hehe …get this- I am a Libra with Libra rising along with sun, venus,mercury and neptune in my 1st house, Neptune conjunct venus and sun conjunct mercury. Yep, stellium city – but its not the ONLY stellium – I have another in Leo – moon, jupiter conjuct with pluto also close, with uranus in early Leo to boot. That is one crazy chart ~ But I love it – It is MINE ! ~

  4. Kimberly — Sounds like you’re either a rock star, a supermodel, or the next host of a courtroom reality TV show — Judge Kimberly (Libra has a lot do with hammering out agreements). You go, girl! — Monica

  5. Thanks Monica! September 2, 1976 2:42 am Arcata, CA (40n52, 124w05). That Jupiter in the 11th is the handle of my “bucket” yes.. I’m VERY social lol. I’ve been learning and reading alot recently but I’ll admit that square moon vs. trine jupiter – all to a triple conjunction in libra has me a little stumped! You may be able to see my chart here:
    I haven’t got anything special planned but maybe I should?
    Thanks again for your help,

  6. Kisha — I did take a peek at your chart. Here’s what I think: The Moon in Sagittarius is open to lots of different experiences with people of different cultures, religions, etc. It’s a fire sign moon and very expansive because of the trine to Jupiter. I think your relationships (not just the romantic ones because Libra can be about legal partnerships and friendships) will lead you to explore different points of view. I think that your partners will also be Jupiterian/Sag kind of folks — teachers, sports fanatics, cause-oriented people.Moon in Sag likes to take the ball and run with it. You’re probably not shy about telling someone you want to be their friend or partner. Plus, no matter what happens in your life, I think the Moon in Sag gets back on the horse, to use another metaphor. It’s a very resilient placement. Hope this helps! — Monica

  7. Monica ~ oh dear , I wish…. Actually I am in the beauty field and my chart opens with the uranus in 1 degree of Leo on the 10th house (but not its ruler sign ,cancer ) and ends with a 19 degree saturn in scorpio. Additionally mars in virgo in the 12th which isn’t my fav spot but cant be ALL good. Gotta have sumthin to work out… makes it so much more interestin! Yes with saturn waning a square to my moon jupiter conjunction and waxing one with pluto, it ain’t all fun and games. But once again – it is all mine ~ can’t change it , only learn to work with it !

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