Timothy Leary with a Twist

Back in the Sixties, Timothy Leary encouraged his followers to “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” That was when Saturn in Pisces opposed Uranus in Virgo, which was also moving to a conjunction with revolutionary Pluto.

This time around, Saturn is in Virgo and opposing Uranus in Pisces. I say we’ve got to “Turn off (the computer, the TV, the iPod, the BlackBerry), tune out (the noise and hype), drop in (to our true selves).”

I don’t want to stop blogging, but I know that I can’t be online 24/7. It’s not good to be cut off from nature in this way. You can’t smell the roses if you’re constantly checking your BlackBerry.

I took a road trip with my niece and nephew this summer. As we drove across country, my nephew was constantly instant-messaging his friends on his Sidekick, while my niece was listening to music on her iPod. In the morning, the first thing they would do was turn on the Disney Channel. Of course, they both have Neptune/Uranus in Capricorn opposing my Sun so they were bound to bring an electrical charge into my orbit.

The only time I saw them “unplugged” was in the swimming pool or at the dinner table.

I think that when Neptune moves into Pisces, we’re going to have a backlash against technology. Maybe everyone will escape by going fishing (Pisces).

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