Wall Street Weather is My New Favorite Blog

I linked to Wall Street Weather when Hurricane Gustav was approaching Louisiana last week. I just read such a great post on how the Republicans are exploiting Bristol Palin, the pregnant daughter of Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, that I must link again for the second time in less than week.

I was struck by how tired Bristol looked carrying her baby brother last week. She has been forced to assume extra responsibilities since her younger brother, who has Down syndrome, was born in April and her mother quickly returned to work.

Wall Street Weather makes the same observation in this post.

Eric Francis at Planet Waves has an excellent post on the Palin follies, too. Check it out here.

Too bad David Brooks of The New York Times doesn’t read the astrology blogs. I was amazed how he blithely dismissed the tragedy of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy at 17 in his Sept. 1 column. Brooks wrote: “…most Americans will understand that this is what happens in real life…”

If you’re a conservative, you might argue that Bristol would not have gotten pregnant in high school if her mom were home and watching over her instead of serving as governor of Alaska.

If you’re a liberal, you might posit that Bristol wouldn’t be expecting if she had taken sex education in high school, had easy access to contraceptives, and had been raised by a mom who encouraged her to protect herself against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

If you’re an advocate for the rights of young women (and men), you might agree with my contention: Bristol wouldn’t have gotten pregnant if she had a plan for her future and parents who were actively involved in helping her fulfill her hopes and dreams.

David Brooks may characterize children raising children as “what happens in real life,” but it doesn’t have to happen.


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