Pamela, Monica, and Sarah

AstroChatter blogger and radio personality Pamela Cucinell and I did our Tuesday lunchtime (noon) gig today on BlogTalkRadio.

I think the new time is working for us because we got fan mail, a live caller, and folks in the chatroom. Also, we seem to be surmounting our technical difficulties, slowly but surely.

Our broadcasts are actually podcasts so you can listen to them anytime you’d like. Today, we focused on John McCain’s vice-presidential pick, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Pamela explored the connections between their charts and that of Vice-President Dick Cheney, whom she thinks will continue to play an important role in politics.

Both Cheney and Palin were born under the sign of Aquarius and are getting transits from Neptune, which is traveling through the sign of the Water Bearer.

Here’s the link.


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