Is Sarah Palin in It for the Long Haul?

I’ve been doing a little more work on Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s chart today, especially in light of the revelation that her 17-year-old daughter Bristol Palin is pregnant. People like Rush Limbaugh have been speculating about a baby in the White House next year, but I don’t think this is what they had in mind.

Given the downbeat start to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis because of Hurricane Gustav, I’m going to run something up the flagpole: I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Alaska governor gracefully withdraw as McCain’s running mate because of family obligations.

In addition to having to spin the media coverage about her pregnant daughter, Palin is also being dogged by the “Troopergate” allegations, part of another family soap opera.

The New Moon that heralded her candidacy took place on her natal Uranus. Transiting Saturn is nearby, so she got the call from Old Man McCain and she said yes. But with Uranus in the picture, she could also back out.

Neptune is on her Sun, so she’s confused. She might not know if she really wants to do this.

Palin’s got a Sun/Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius so she works hard and she can meet any challenge that comes her way. She also has Jupiter conjuncting her Aquarius stellium next year, which will increase her visibility in the world.

But if Palin does change her mind, it’s a win/win situation for everybody. Palin’s become a household word overnight and McCain and his supporters get to pat themselves on the back for nominating a woman. Good job, guys!

Here’s Palin’s natal chart, birth time set for 4:40 p.m., a time that is circulating among astrologers, and transits and progressions set for Aug. 29.

I’m not making any predictions here. I’m just saying Uranus sometimes leads to sudden flipflops, that’s all.

9 comments on “Is Sarah Palin in It for the Long Haul?

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  2. from nancy’s blog:

    “Use with caution because it is not confirmed
    It’s from Claudia Dikinis (a friend of hers)

    Here is Sarah Palin’s alleged birth info (forwarded to me by Margie Herskovitz):

    February 11, 1964
    4:40 PM
    Sandpoint, Idaho
    Nancy this was posted on Astroworld!”

  3. This would give Gov. Palin a Leo ascendant as I suspected, especially after my dear hubby commented that she had a lot of hair. This chart also reinforces her Uranian/Aquarius influence with Uranus in Virgo late in her 1st house. Also, puts Ceres in her 5th house of children. Go figure.

  4. Governor Palin is the disastrous choice who just keeps on giving, and I also agree with zak about her stubbornness and delusional personality.

    By the way, on my recent New York City trip, I realized the East and West Coasts of the United States are really two separate countries, and are becoming more so all the time. New York also felt weirdly old-fashioned about all kinds of things (“traditional” is probably a nicer way of putting it). I’m sad that the “progressive” side of the current presidential election isn’t represented by the West. Instead, you’re getting two of our worst clowns.

  5. sfmike, I hate to think what you would think of the South or Midwest, if you think NY ‘felt weirdly old-fashioned’. I guess Neanderthal might apply.

  6. Am thinking about the Neptune over Palin’s sun, which is being so commented on in astrology blogs. It’s possible meaning is that she will “disappear” from the national scene by removing herself (my personal wish). But I realize there is a more cynical and realistic option. The Republican machine is probably “disappearing” her as we speak, putting their words into her mouth for the duration of this electoral process. Wouldn’t it be great if she had the integrity to actually experience the “disappearing” and decide not to become a pawn.
    Probably overlays of my own wishful thinking, I know….

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