What I Did On My Summer Staycation

As Labor Day closes in on us, I’ve been thinking back to the Summer Solstice chart and its Sun/Venus conjunction in the seventh house in the sign of Cancer opposed by Moon/Jupiter in Capricorn.

This was the summer that the word “staycation” became part of the national lingo. Gas prices were high, the dollar was weak, and job security was shaky, at best. What better way to spend those government stimulus checks than on a new Weber grill for the backyard?

Here’s what I posted at Jude’s Threshold about the Summer Solstice chart:

Sun/Venus in the seventh — more emphasis on socializing at home with friends, families, and neighbors than traveling. “Come over to my house for a potluck barbecue!: is how I read this. Even though it’s in cost-conscious Capricorn, the Jupiter/Moon conjunction could also be about socializing at home, I think. So cheer up and fire up that barbie!

Even when folks went away this summer, my observation was they stayed with friends and family more than usual. People actually took each other up on that offer to use the vacant cabin in Durango, the time-share in Mexico, or the country house in Bennington. So the next time John McCain offers you a few nights in one of his seven homes, don’t be shy about saying yes!

But seriously, what did you do on your summer staycation? I got deeper into blogging. I didn’t plant a garden like I usually do because I was glued to my laptop. Next year, the vegetable garden is making a comeback at my house. I miss my tomatoes and I want to get serious about canning.

As back-to-school shopping season gets into full swing, I want to leave you with this. When my husband and I stayed at a friend’s house for a few days in Bennington, Vt. earlier this month, I forgot to bring my mouse. Not being a “thumb person” (no BlackBerry or text-messaging here), I needed to buy a new one to work on my laptop.

When I was standing in line at the Staples to buy the cheapest mouse they sold (about $20), there was a woman in front of me returning three notebooks and exchanging them for some Magic Markers that her son needed for school. The sum of the transaction? About $6.

That’s the reality out there. The digerati and the financial engineers are making small fortunes, but many people are struggling to buy school supplies for their kids.

3 comments on “What I Did On My Summer Staycation

  1. And don’t even think about the increase in the price of school lunches. NYT sez it’s about 25 cents a day, but for a family with three kids that adds up to a gallon of milk a week. Federal cutbacks ain’t helping, but we have limitless dollars for KBR.

    But Obama is an elitist.

  2. Good point on the cost of those school lunches. Personally, I’m worried that Biden’s ties to the credit-card industry might prevent some real reform in that area. With the prime rate at 5% and banks paying 2% (the fed funds rate) to borrow overnight from each other, why are consumers getting hit with 30% interest rates on their credit cards? Let’s bring back usury laws.

  3. You’d have to say that Pluto’s going to make some huge changes to the global economic system over the next 20 years and it’s already starting to be felt at the grass roots level. People always adjust and do the best they can with what they’ve got. Like returning $6 worth of notepads. I think it must be hard for any presidential candidate who’s had a very successful career to understand how vulnerable some people are to the nuances of economic change.

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