Astrology Mundo Loves Denver

Maybe I should move to Denver. Here’s why:

Until the record was broken on Sunday, I got the best traffic on my blog during the United Astrology Conference in Denver in May.

Elsa, the Queen of All Astrology Media, lives near Denver and has been very good to Astrology Mundo.

When my husband and I flew to Denver for a wedding in June, I learned that Astrology Mundo had been quoted in Time magazine.

On Aug. 24, the day before the Democratic National Convention started in Denver, I was all excited because the number of hits on my blog broke 700 for the first time. That record was shattered yesterday, when I got 1,492 hits.

Today, traffic is back to normal, but I still love Denver. Maybe Pamela Cucinell and I need to broadcast our weekly astrology talk show AstroChatter Radio from the Mile High City. Denver rocks!


3 comments on “Astrology Mundo Loves Denver

  1. Have you checked out your astro*carto*graphy chart? Maybe you have a Jupiter or Venus line running through Denver.

    Me, I have a Jupiter line running through that part of the country and one day I’ll go visit my sister and probably never come back.

  2. Beth — Good call. I have Uranus at the IC in Denver, normally not a crossing line that I’d seek out but seems to be good for astrology and blogging! Thanks for writing! — Monica

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