Michelle Obama’s Moment to Shine

A lot has been written about Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, and most of it hasn’t been very nice. Furthermore, the photographers who seemed determined to make Hillary Clinton look pear-shaped like to catch Michelle Obama in a pout or a scowl.

Well, tonight I think she’s going to positively shine at the Democratic National Convention. There will be no stopping the Democratic candidate’s wife, as transiting Venus and Mercury in Virgo trine her Capricorn Sun. With the Virgo emphasis, I think Michelle will make inroads with female working-class voters who supported Hillary but haven’t yet jumped on board the Obama bandwagon.

Here’s Michelle’s natal chart (no time of birth), courtesy of Astrodienst, with transits for today.

Transiting Neptune is on her natal Saturn tonight so I think she’ll be able to soften her hard-nosed image, and it’s traveling with the North Node and Chiron, so I think she’ll strike a chord with the public.

There might be some technical disruption as transiting Saturn is sitting between her natal Uranus/Pluto. Will she face a TelePrompTer malfunction the way her husband did in Bristol, Va. on June 5? I wouldn’t be surprised. But I predict whatever happens, she’s going to come out smelling like a rose.

Rush Limbaugh (my birthday twin but not the same year) is speculating that Michelle is pregnant and that she’ll mention it tonight in her speech. Interesting that both Limbaugh and Michelle are Capricorns. If Michelle is indeed expecting, it would be a good reflection of the Moon/Mars on the Ascendant opposing Uranus on the Descendant in her husband’s solar return.

In my post on Obama’s solar return, I noted that Reinhold Ebertin’s The Combination of Stellar Influences says Moon/Mars equals Uranus can be a “sudden experience in a woman’s life.” That prompted commenter Mandelay to predict that Michelle would have a baby in the White House the way that Jacqueline Kennedy did.

Maybe an Obama pregnancy is what the Democratic candidate needs to show voters that he’s got cojones.


6 comments on “Michelle Obama’s Moment to Shine

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  2. We already know he has cojones (note sp). Jesse J wanted to cut them off. But I’m happy to see your wizardry validating what I suspect and polls are showing. Given a choice between a woman we would be so flattered to have at a party and an age-denying, brutalizer-enabling, legal-drug abuser, there’s no contest. Credit Oprah and Whoopi and all the others who have made black women welcome around the coffee table.

    Michael Tomasky is worth checking out, too:


  3. Thanks for that spelling catch. I’m brain dead after my 2 a.m. close last night. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it! Thanks for the link, too.

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  5. Now it all makes sense…she didn’t wear a bathing suit the entire trip to Hawaii–she’s knocked up–that’s AWESOME! A white house baby! And poor Cindy, she can’t get any without the little blue pills (that’s when Johnny-boy can remember where he put them)!

  6. JG — Well, I didn’t notice any bump under Michelle’s form-fitting dress last night. In days of yore, Lucille Ball learned she was pregnant by listening to Walter Winchell’s broadcast on the radio. (Winchell had contacts at Ball’s OB/GYN.) I don’t know where Limbaugh’s getting his information from, but right now, he doesn’t look as well-informed as Winchell was back in the day. It’s a sweet script, though. We’ll see if it’s fantasy or reality. Thanks for writing. Best, Monica

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