Hell Hath No Fury Like Jude

Jude over at Jude’s Threshold is pretty worked up about Delaware Senator Joe Biden’s ties to the credit-card industry and the chances that an Obama Presidency will be more of the same for America’s struggling middle class and Iraq’s suffering children.

Check out her post here.

Good stuff.

3 comments on “Hell Hath No Fury Like Jude

  1. Yeek! thanks, Monica, it’s true i do find myself in a state of miffed snitdom now.

    If it were a Q of ‘liking’ Joe Biden it’d be okay but you know how suspicious of W politicians they’ve taught me to be…

    Biden’s natal Career Point has a certain Fixed Star, Denebola, upon it giving him the ‘commutes home, out-of-the-mainstream’ influence but B. Brady also gives, ‘to go against society’ for this star’s keywords.

    We both know nobody’s perfick and all but some have quite a different resume under their masks.

    Ted Kennedy’s performance was strong esp at the end – the Kumbaya Moment smushed in with the one world vibe was perfick for Mile High City. Glad he made it there to speak but if the planets show anything, it’s that the Lion of the Senate had a Fist of God pointing to him Monday night – as do we all but with alternate timing (not being a Q of if but when.)

    You’re so good to read my fluff and I feel sheepish that I don’t butterfly around more on the Astrology blogs I love – most of you don’t even know who you are!

    Soggy soggy night in Ga, this particular Ga…so far keeping our feathers dry but more wet on the way…


    ps I totally have no snit against Kumbaya Moments per se but they should last more than a moment.

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  3. Jude — Thanks for writing. So there’s a reason why they wrote that song “Rainy Night in Georgia.”
    Ted was great, but so was Caroline. She’s so poised and positive after everything that she’s been through. Losing her brother must have been especially hard. I used to watch him play touch football in Central Park. He was a regular at the Thai restaurant around the corner from my office. Keep fightin’ the good fight, dear! — Monica

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