Pluto in Virgo for President!

I was born at the tail end of the baby boom, in 1960. I was in diapers when the boomers were out on a surfin’ safari and was in elementary school while they were savoring the Summer of Love.

My teens weren’t quite as happy-go-lucky as those of the boomers because of twin energy crises (one in 1973, another in ’79). With gas prices going through the roof, no one was threatening to take my T-bird away because there wasn’t one in the garage.

When I left college in 1982 during a recession, I was so scared that my job offer would evaporate that I started working the day after graduation. Job security has always been a big concern for me and other members of the Pluto in Virgo generation, born between 1956 until 1971.

If I sound like I have a chip on my shoulder, you’re right. I’ve never gotten over the fact that I was born too late to line dance to The Temps’ “The Way You Do The Things You Do” (great Sixties time capsule in the video).

Some of the Pluto in Virgo crowd, those born after 1962, are more fortunate. They are considered to be members of Generation X. Their road has been a little easier because their demographic cohort is smaller, and the economic woes of the Seventies happened while they were kids, not young adults looking for work.

This group has trailblazing Uranus in Virgo as well as Pluto. They have helped bring about technological (Uranus) changes (Pluto) in the workplace (Virgo), and some have become Internet millionaires as a result of their pioneering efforts.

As a native of Pluto in Virgo, I want a job, affordable health care, healthy food, and clean air. And I want a president who shares those concerns, which earlier generations took for granted.

It’s always dangerous to generalize about people born under the same Pluto sign. It’s even more treacherous than sun sign astrology. Still, I think most astrologers would agree that baby boomers born with Pluto in Leo (1939-1956) like their toys, whether they be Lincoln Logs or Lamborghinis. They also treasure self-expression and generally value their children more than anything else in the world.

We’ve had two presidents born under Pluto in Leo — Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, one a Democrat and the other a Republican. They both like to have a good time and they both love their kids. (I know, everyone loves their kids, but Pluto in Leo devotion is different.) In fact, Pluto in Leo natives are sometimes said to be eternal children. They don’t want to grow up. Both Clinton and Bush have been guilty of childish behavior.

In the current Presidential race, Democrat Senator Barack Obama has Pluto in Virgo while Republican Senator John McCain has a home and national security-oriented Pluto in Cancer. Other Pluto in Cancer Presidents since 1960 (I only went back as far as my birth year) include John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George H.W. Bush.

Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon both had Pluto in Gemini. Pluto traveled through the sign of the twins from 1883 to 1914, a time that saw major advances in communications and transportation. If you want to learn more about Pluto through the signs, here’s an interesting chart.

I’m not exactly sure what Johnson and Nixon had in common. One was a Democrat and the other was a Republican. However, it can be said that both favored behind-the-scenes or secret communications. Johnson was a politician of the old school, an expert at consensus-building through backroom wheeling and dealing. Nixon, as we know, liked to tape-record all his conversations, and was ultimately forced to resign after The Washington Post broke the story of the Watergate scandal. Here, Pluto in Gemini could be seen in the power of the press to unseat a President.

While proofreading this post, I noticed that I failed to mention the Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan. Of course, he had Pluto in Gemini. Considering that I tried my best to tune out the Reagan years, it’s no surprise that I almost overlooked him in this post.

I’m not sure what this Election Day will bring, other than a lot of surprises, but I will be casting my vote for Barack Obama, not because I think he walks on water (Neptune square the Sun) or because he has rock star charisma (Sun in Leo). Why am I voting for Obama? Simply because he’s a Pluto in Virgo. I’m ready to have someone who shares my values in the White House.

Party affiliation means very little to me. If there were a Republican who had Pluto in Virgo who was running for President, I would vote for her.

What’s important to you? If you believe that we can’t have affordable health care, job security, and other Pluto in Virgo interests without first protecting the security of our Cancer nation, you’ll be voting for Senator John McCain.

Pluto may have been demoted from planet status, but he’s still guiding my decision this Election Day.


12 comments on “Pluto in Virgo for President!

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  3. After a dinner party last night where six of eight at the table were convinced McLame is going to win, I’m back to insisting the only answer is secession. With the media obsessing on nonsense,and most voters thinking a Manchurian nutcase banging his $520 loafer on the podium represents leadership on Georgia, I’m ready to let Bloomberg be pope of our principality for life.

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  8. Thanks a lot. Maybe we can really get something going this time. It’s hard to get Pluto in Virgo folks to toot their own horns, but we’ve got to stand up for the issues that are important to us.

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