Saturn Oppose Uranus: Recycling the Revolution

Yesterday, I bought a T-shirt at Wal-Mart with a peace symbol on it that was made out of recycled Coca-Cola bottles. It cost $5.

Take a moment to ponder that. It blew my mind, as they used to say back in the day.

A friend of mine recently told me she thought the energy crisis spelled the end to the green movement. However, I don’t think she’s quite right. I think economic woes may put ecological concerns on the back burner for a little while, but they’re not going away.

Still, I understand that when people are “locking in” heating oil prices that are more than twice what they paid last winter, they sometimes forget to bring their hemp shopping bag to the store.

Nevertheless, the Saturn/Uranus opposition, which is exact for the first time on Election Day, is going to bring about revolutionary changes in this country that were first proposed by the counterculture of the Sixties, which wanted to “get back to the land.”

Saturn is the Establishment — Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola — while Uranus epitomizes revolution, in this case, the cry for peace in a world struggling with war, and the desire to save the earth by recycling.

As anyone who lived through the Sixties and early Seventies knows, multinationals are adept at merging the counterculture with capitalism to sell more stuff. I grew up with Peter Max posters for 7-Up on my walls and happily chirped, “I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company.” You can watch the commercial on YouTube here.

Having said that, given the influence that corporations wield over our lives, I think they need to be congratulated when they are doing something valuable for society. So kudos to Wal-Mart for those new bins where you can deposit plastic bags for recycling and hats off to Coke for making T-shirts out of plastic bottles.

In the mid-Sixties, Saturn in Pisces opposed Uranus in Virgo, which was moving toward a conjunction with Pluto that became exact in 1966. As transiting Pluto moves backward in Sagittarius in the sky right now, forming a T-square with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces, we’re going to get a blast from the past. So get out your needle and thread and start embroidering your blue jeans!

The square between these planets doesn’t become exact until they change signs. However, the Sixties redux window that I’m looking at is between Election Day and Thanksgiving Day, when Pluto moves back into Capricorn.

As most students of astrology know, we’re going to have a Saturn/Uranus/Pluto T-square in 2010 that echoes the one we had in 1931. But that’s a different vibe — think Grapes of Wrath. This Saturn/Uranus/Pluto lineup is more of a Sixties thang. So, as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young once sang, don’t be afraid to let “your freak flag fly.”

With this kind of astrological picture, don’t be surprised to see a conservative elected to the White House that we all get to rebel against. Somebody has got to play Saturn in this equation. I can’t take credit for this theory; Ray Merriman has been talking about it for a while.

On a personal level, watch closely this fall to see whether you decide to take the role of Saturn, the taskmaster, or Uranus, the revolutionary. As I said, Pluto is part of the picture too, which has the potential to add a deadly element to the picture. We could see the return of revolutionary groups like the Weathermen or the Black Panthers. These groups didn’t want to work (Saturn) for change (Uranus) within the system. They wanted to blow up (Pluto) the system.


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  10. Is the “blogging craze” getting out of fashion? And with it jointly a few other, older habits?

    I think it is – and I am relatively new to the blogging sport. It’s about a year or so that I started with it – having discovered Monica’s Blog – Astrology Mundo. I confess now, after a year or almost of blogging on this site, that from the beginning I had thought that it should say “Astrology Mundi” (of the world… in correct Latin) but , being a novice, I did not dare to say so.

    Saturn is still in an opposition mode to Uranus (this will peak by coming mid September) and at this stage, from my observations since this opposition started (early Nov. 2008), it appears that most astrologers whom by interest I consult, have NOT REALIZED that we are all in for “another surprise”, not simply the economy.

    The last surprise for most – and still in process of being “digested” – was obviously the current economic downturn. But, if most observers now are focusing on “recovery”, a few are interpreting ongoing planetary transits not just in terms of economics. And I am part of that minority, as it appears.

    Specifically: Saturn opposite Uranus in Virgo/Pisces sounds very much like “THE END OF THE CHRISTIAN ERA”. Its not quite definite now, astrologicaly, as the retrogradation process has to run its course, but by end April of 2010, “that will have happened”.

    So, what’s up next? The cynics will be able to e.g. say that the ongoing “disengagement” by the Jews in the US from the other “minority they always cherished i.e. the blacks”, is finally turning out to visibly be what they (the cynics) always thought, a mere marriage of convenience and temporary interest.

    The current US government is clearly going “in favor of others than Israel” and that’s reason enough for the ( mostly Jewish) US – intelligentia (and consequently most of the media) to progressively distance itself from the actual President.

    The Christian Era was, being heir to the Jewish (Old Testament) mold of thinking, a phase in this world’s history of functioning by way of “hierarchy”, i.e. God on top and then his “earthly interpreters and self appointed experts following”.

    Uranus is breaking these “rules”, visibly, more and more:

    The pressure is now really coming “from below”. If almighty China manages it’s economy the way it does, it’s to accommodate the “people’s aspirations” (more consumption, as simple as that, forget communism!)

    If US politics turn “socialist” it’s a very similar blue – print. Obama is one of the rare blacks in America who’s ancestors were not “imported by some Arab or other slave merchant”, but he opted to side with the other blacks who elected him. It’s simply being “democratic”, i.e. obeying what the masses are clamoring for. Including all the other-non black – but somehow frustrated masses of people.

    Journalism: From then French “Journal” – who keeps record of what’s going on- we soon may be able to dispense of all that repetitive reporting. The web and other sources (to come…) will keep us all much better informed (cf. the stunning success of Twitter in the lingering Iranian Revolution).

    It’s by Uranus that things increasingly are being decided. And not anymore “from some manipulating top”.

    May sound like a lots of risk and surprise to come, but what should one prefer, considering the current morass, endless lying by politicians and predominance of “show and fame”?

  11. IN TODAY’S NEW’S (about politicians whom we all “adore” but do not know how to dispense of):

    The “House Rules” of the US Congress ban the use of expressions like “Liar”, “Hypocrite” and “Intellectually dishonest”. That is it does not ban such insufficiencies of character and even less so the lack of “back-bone” . Would actually be diametrally opposed to the raison d’être of any politician, anywhere in the world!

    But it bans those fellows calling each other for what they truly are or do. For obvious reasons, the public should never ever discover!

    During the ancient Roman Empire what the fellows then in power told each other (or were prevented from actually saying by simply cutting a throat or two), hardly came to the ears of the public. There was no press or TV then.

    But otherwise, learning from the history-books, it was the same as today.

    Here in Brazil the game has taken a different form. Everybody is agreed that politicians can in no way be trusted. And the reason for that is the same as in ancient Rome or Washington D.C. But, probably a legacy from the Portuguese, politicians in this country have one single aim: to plunder where they can without leaving obvious traces, i. e. evidence the public can see. Other politicians, feeding from the same kitchen, will obviously find out and even use the same recepy, but it’s agreed that such knowledge remains in the kitchen. Point

    So, what’s the use of the press denunciating wrong-doings which will always exist? And if not among the fellows in power right now, with those replacing them later?

    Sounds almost as if the Brazilians have found a way to live in the 21 st century and ignoringly enjoy the “tranquility of Roman times”.

    Saturn opposite Uranus brings into focus what is “fixed”, i.e. persistent wrongdoings by politicians (who very Saturn-like will do all they can to obscure any evidence). Uranus, the hope of astrologers and so many others aspiring to a more “ideal world”, is visibly at work, uncovering such “undesirable fixities”, but will it be enough? How many times in history were the two planets already in opposition to each other? And what changed? Not the politicians, for sure! They discovered long before us commoners that to stick with Saturn (and his more somber qualities) is a way to last longer…

    P.S. I recovered from the flue, but was hell of a “sweating experience”. In my case it peaked when Moon transited Jupiter/Neptune the other day. Thanks God!

  12. Yesterday I did not yet have sufficient evidence that the Politician’s Financial Servants are doing (in the public interest, of course), what we commoners should never, ever find out (but it’s perfectly along the Saturnian condition of the events of the day):

    Since months now I follow with particular interest the mechanics of the daily closure of financial markets in NY.

    Always thought “it’s rigged”. But know, it’s not only the indexes (foremost the DOW), but Gold and the Euro (and they are all highly correlated, last week e.g. by over 90% of the time, courtesy Goldman Sachs).

    Rationale of what I now suspect: Geitner pushes the US Dollar to go down, helping at the same time US exports and Obama’s “Buy American” stance.

    Bernanke controls the price of Gold, i.e. he manages the yellow metal not to go up too quickly, otherwise the whole scheme of incredible “money-pumping” that recently took place might blow up in the face of the Chinese creditors (and they are indeed very valuable!).

    What does Buffet know or even contribute? And other “initiates” ? They will not talk, obviously.

    One “viable” strategy available to commoners: Continue buying Euro but hedge Gold. The former rises faster than the latter…

  13. Madoff sadly now found a true disciple in your Government: Here comes the last beauty about “manipulating markets and investor confidence”: Initial jobless claims just released have dropped from previously 550 K to 530 K. The truth however shows that 90% of the 92 K who dropped from the roles were “merely moved over to Federal extended benefits programs”!

    PS. Until the Chinese/Japanese creditors of the US Treasury will catch up with this type of sophistication, some handsom bonuses will continue to be paid out to whom “has such brilliant brains”…

  14. Here I am back again, but it’s because of an overheard conversation (and they often are the best one can hear, especially if second or third hand): A Frenchman called me, his broker’s analyst having been in President Trichet’s (European Central Bank) when another President, this time of the French Republic, Sarkozy called Trichet. It was all about “the strong Dollar”.

    Some time later the USD strengthened quite a bit (I saw). Then some NY traders launched the rumor, that despite Trichets “musings” about a strong Dollar, Geithner will not let that happen.

    But we will see. Dr. Zoelnick (President of the World Bank, an American) is talking the Dollar up as well. Must be that after the G-20, the IMF, the new Jap on the financial steering wheel there, nobody paid any attention to the all important World Bank (?!?)

    “Et moi et moi, aprés un Milliard ou plus de Chinois?” (So went a funny French song: and what about me, after more then a billion Chinese?)

    And all these exchanges because or thanks to Saturn opposing Uranus. Pitty it won’t last a bit longer. It’s the third and final transit for now. Next will be in about July 2055. Hope or not hope to live to experience that one as well?

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