Mars Square Pluto: Do or Die

Athletic Mars in Virgo is moving to a square with powerful Pluto in Sagittarius that is exact on Aug. 17. It’s fitting that we’re having the Beijing Olympics right now. Mars/Pluto aspects, particularly the challenging squares, are often found in the charts of athletes.

Athletic injuries are possible under this influence, so be careful about overdoing it at the gym.

On a day-to-day level, look out for competitiveness in the workplace and the need for someone to emerge as the victor at any cost. If you find yourself getting pulled into a job-related confrontation, don’t be afraid to take a time-out to let the situation cool off.

Reinhold Ebertin in The Combination of Stellar Influences says that Mars/Pluto aspects lead to “superhuman power, force, and brutality.”

No doubt that’s what the residents of Georgia are experiencing as they deal with an onslaught of Russian troops and weapons.

Speaking of the conflict between Russia and Georgia, here’s a story rich with irony: While the two countries wage war or violate ceasefires, depending on who you’re talking to, their women’s beach volleyball teams faced each other at the Beijing Olympics. You can’t make this stuff up. Here’s a colorful post from The Guardian.

Who knew beach volleyball could get this vicious?

5 comments on “Mars Square Pluto: Do or Die

  1. I find this a particularly intriguing combination as it is the reverse of my own natal Mars in Sagittarius square to Pluto in Virgo, wooo. For me it falls across the 1st and 4th houses, thus asserting my self causes tension in my family and home situation. It is an aspect that gives a great deal of force but I do believe that the nature of the signs is key, Muhammad Ali had the same aspect but from Taurus to Leo, thus fixed, and it certainly gave him that edge in the ring. For me the aspect is mutable and natally from Pluto in the 12th (just under the Asc) to Mars in the 3rd, it gives me a great deal of mental energy and it can make me argumentative.

    Of course, when transformed, I would say that it’s a real asset; but it creates a lot of difficulties on the way.

  2. I myself have a Mars at 29 degrees of Sagittarius, which squares the North Node at 28 of Virgo in the 12th house. Everytime that Mars conjuncts that Node, I usually end up attending a funeral, and sure enough there are quite a few deaths around me this week. And, of course, Pluto is on my Mars in the third so there’s quite a bit of tension at work. Let’s hope no one gets killed there! Thanks for writing.

    I’ve put you in my blogroll. I assume you’re influenced by Chiron so that’s why I’ve put that in the blurb that you get if the cursor hovers over Chirotic. If you’d like something else, please let me know. Best, Monica

  3. You’re very kind Monica.
    I must confess to having near zero expertise with the nodes, so what you say is fascinating to read. Also 29 Sagittarius seems like a fairly charged point, Pluto has been grinding over there for quite some time so I’m guessing that you’ve been grist for the mill too?

    29 Sag. is my Ic. In that time I’ve been estranged from my entire family, lost my home, found a new home, and made contact with a cousin I never even knew that I had in Northumberland who is in contact with an entire clan of my unknown relatives!

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  5. Chirotic — I do have a good Mars/Pluto story but it involves a financial institution and a class action lawsuit being filed by the San Mateo (Calif.) District Attorney. When the litigation is resolved, I’m going to write quite a post about financial hell. (Pluto rules my second house of resources.) — Monica

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