While We Watched

Who cares if some if the pyrotechnics at the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics were computer-generated? Everyone agrees the Chinese pulled out the stops.

But while the world was watching the Olympics in China, Russia and Georgia got into a nasty little war. It’s in one of those far-away places that most Americans won’t be able to find on a map, let alone pronounce — South Ossetia.

If you want to figure out what’s going on, Marjorie Orr has got the story. She’s done a number of posts over the weekend analyzing what’s at stake on the ground and what the triggering events were in the sky. This is where Marjorie’s background at the BBC comes in handy.

Since I’m still fixated on name asteroid, I looked up the asteroid Georgia to see where it is right now. It’s at 8 degrees of Gemini, squaring transiting Saturn in Virgo. Jude’s Threshold has got some interesting stuff about this sudden war if you want to learn more.


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