Obama, Hawaii, and Mahalo

When I was first getting back into astrology around the time of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn (1993-94), I told my then-husband that I wanted to become a trend-spotter who relied on astro indicators to make my forecasts.

Being a business-oriented Capricorn, I even incorporated a company called Celestial Cycles to help me fulfill my goal. My heroine was trend-watcher Faith Popcorn, and my husband dubbed me “Monica Pizza.”

Well, just the way that Popcorn predicted in the early 1990s that bottled water and SUVs were going to be really big (boy, was she right!), I’m forecasting that Hawaii will go mainstream once again. (I realize Hawaii never goes out of fashion for the folks who live and vacation there and for Old Navy shoppers.)

Why do I think Hawaii will be hot? Because Barack Obama was born there in 1961 and he’s on vacation there right now.

It’s not just Obama who’s upping the ante on Hawaii. Singer/surfer Jack Johnson is helping to raise the state’s profile and promote its laid-back attitude. Johnson is on the last leg of his Sleep Through the Static tour, but I’m still humming his now-classic 2005 song Good People.

Hawaii’s cultural influence was quite strong in the 1960s, not long after it became a state in 1959. Helping to spread the word were the many American soldiers who stopped there for “R&R” on their way home from Vietnam and bought their loved ones Hawaiian shirts and muu muus. After my father finished his second tour of duty in Vietnam and vacationed with my Mom in Hawaii, Don Ho’s Tiny Bubbles became the soundtrack to happy hour in our house.

On TV, we got a taste of the islands by watching Hawaii Five-O, which was on from 1968 to 1980, and was the longest-running crime series until it was surpassed by Law & Order, according to the Wiki. What a great opening Hawaii Five-O had. You can see it and hear the theme song here.

There’s some Sixties nostalgia going on right now because the Saturn-Uranus opposition in Virgo-Pisces, which will be exact on Election Day, is a flip-flop of the Saturn-Uranus opposition in Pisces-Virgo that we had in the 1960s. Don’t believe me about the Sixties? Just look at Amy Winehouse’s beehive hairdo and dramatic eyeliner.

Still not convinced that there are tiny bubbles in the wine? Did you know that one of the new search engines (it’s in beta) on the Web right now is called Mahalo, which means “thank you” in Hawaiian?

Jude’s Threshold has some interesting things to say about Hawaii’s gynocentric culture and America’s occupation of the former Sandwich Islands here.

The Hawaiian statehood chart, set for Aug. 21, 1959 at noon in Honolulu, has a broad Venus/Mars conjunction in Virgo, so it makes sense that the Saturn/Uranus opposition in Virgo/Pisces is stirring up all things Polynesian. Instead of Freaky Friday, get ready for Tiki Friday.

The state’s Sun is at 27 degrees of Leo, not far from the Aug. 16, 2008 eclipse at 24 degrees of Aquarius. This eclipse straddles the MC/IC of the statehood chart, but the cusps of charts set for noon are always a little suspect in my book. Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on Hawaii a few days before and after the eclipse. (That would be now!)

In the meantime, get out your grass skirt, your Don Ho records, and start planning the luau. I’m off to put on my colorful Jams World dress to get in the spirit of things. See you in the Tiki Lounge!


6 comments on “Obama, Hawaii, and Mahalo

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  2. Jude — Thanks for stopping by and for adding the search function at your site. I haven’t even begun to explore what you’ve written. Have you solved the Cindy McCain birthday mystery yet? I wish someone would! — Monica

  3. Hey, Sheris, thanks for writing. That is really interesting news! I wonder who they’re going to cast in the role that Jack Lord used to have? — Monica

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