The Horror of Hiroshima

Today is the anniversary of the U.S. nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. I’ll have some stuff to say later on, but in the meantime here’s a fascinating post on this horrific event by Eric Francis at Planet Waves.

Jude’s Threshold also has some interesting thoughts on the anniversary of the day the black rain fell.

4 comments on “The Horror of Hiroshima

  1. Well, I didn’t MEAN IT but somehow, 36 years ago my husband and I picked HIROSHIMA DAY to get married.It was a delightful wedding day, on our favorite beach in ocean City New Jersey– you know, a hippie wedding, bare feet,etc.It’s a lot of years later and he is still my man..I am still recklessly in love witih him, and life is good. I spend some part of my day praying for the victims of Hiroshima Day every year.. one year, we spent our anniversary in hawaii and took part in a BON DANCE celebration .. blessings to all on my anniversary day!

    • I want to get married on the beach too (somewhere like Hawaii) and I was born in New Jersey! Coincidentally, August 6th is/was my Dad’s birthday! Also coincidentally, I am IN LOVE with a man with the same last name as yours, Kasian. The number 36 years is also coincidental, as this is our age. Yep, getting married would certainly be a blessing. You are very fortunate! I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic… living with reckless abandon.

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