Finding a Nice Day for a White Wedding

Can you guess from today’s title that I was a major Billy Idol fan back in the day? In fact, Idol’s White Wedding was on the “soundtrack” that my first husband and I meticulously programmed for our wedding reception. We had a deejay but we gave him the playlist, control freaks that we were.

This morning’s eclipse at 9 degrees of Leo trined my Juno at 9 degrees of Sagittarius, so what better day to write about weddings? The asteroid Juno rules marriage and the arts so maybe later on I’ll pop into a museum or an art gallery. In the meantime, I’ve been meaning to give some cyber-ink to April Elliott Kent’s Star Guide to Weddings.

April, as many of you know, hangs her hat at Big Sky Astrology. Her bio says she lives in a 1927 bungalow in San Diego. Since I live in a 1920 bungalow in Beacon, N.Y., I like her already.

I was fortunate enough to receive an autographed copy of Star Guide to Weddings from Beth Turnage at Astrology Explored a couple of weeks ago. Thanks, Beth! I didn’t really spend any time with the book until about a week ago and when I did, I was amazed at its profound observations.

Even though this is a sun-sign book aimed at the masses, it is still engaging enough to capture the interest of the astrological aficionado.

My first marriage was a Gemini, and here’s what April has to say about the purpose of unions forged under the sign of the twins: “The curiosity and sociability of your Gemini marriage makes you a natural networking unit.”

Anybody who saw my first husband and me in action would agree, I’m sure. Boy, we knew how to work a room! At the end of the evening, we would report back to each other all the things that we had learned in our individual mingling.

About the Gemini wedding itself, April observes: “…your wedding and reception will be the best party of the summer.” Unfortunately, the wedding party was the high point of my first marriage. It was all downhill after that. But I still consider May 25, 1991 to be one of the happiest days of my life. Never have I been surrounded by so many friends and family.

I don’t want to give away all of April’s secrets, but she was also dead on about what that Gemini marriage needed — and didn’t get — to thrive and survive. Other famous Gemini marriages: The Duke and Dutchess of Windsor, and Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa.

My current marriage has a Libra chart. Let’s hope it has greater staying power than my first. Libran marriages, according to April, are based on the belief that “you can be most effective in the world in collaboration with another person.” This is a union where both partners believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Let’s raise a toast of champagne to that noble ideal.

Given that Libra governs justice and other lofty aims of politics, it’s not surprising to find at least two couples who were White House residents on April’s list of famous Libran marriages — Gerald and Betty Ford, and Bill and Hillary Clinton. Will Barack and Michelle Obama, who also were wed under the sign of Libra, make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Time will tell.

As long as we’re talking potential White House occupants, Jude’s Threshold has a post on her Web site about the wedding day of John and Cindy McCain. The McCains may very well be featured in April’s Star Guide to Weddings, because I couldn’t find them because it doesn’t have an index, the only shortcoming of the book that I could identify.

Jude also has a page devoted to the nuptials of John and Elizabeth Edwards. Given the recent allegations that Edwards has a “love child,” that post might be interesting to check out and comment on. Neptune is certainly hitting the Edwards wedding chart, which is a Leo, pretty hard right now.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a nifty wedding shower present, pick up a copy of Star Guide to Weddings. It’s $12.95 and is published by Llewellyn Worldwide. The future spouses can use April’s celestial guidance when they have their lawyers draw up their prenups! (Phrased very carefully in light of California’s recent decision to recognize gay marriage.)

8 comments on “Finding a Nice Day for a White Wedding

  1. Jude — Thanks for this. Please also see my comments at your site about a May 20, 1954 birthday for Cindy McCain. — Monica

  2. Yes, I replied there and checked on where I got the Dec 31 date–not sure when I can re-write the post though and I thank you for the heads-up!! jude

  3. Monica – just got back from a long vacation and found my way to this incredibly lovely review. A million thanks, and I’m just delighted you enjoyed the book! And like you I’ve enjoyed the political marriages series posted by the lovely and talented Jude.

    Best of luck with your Libra marriage!

  4. April — I’ve been following your vacation at your Web site. Welcome home! The book is fabulous and I’m happy to help promote it. All the best, Monica

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