My Ever-Expanding Blogroll: Links-a-Go-Go!

Even though I’m a blogger, I’ve remained a wallflower at the social networking dance. You won’t find me or my picture on Facebook, MySpace, or the like. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to make friends in cyberspace; I just want to do it on my terms.

However, the people who hang out at the social networking sites quickly learn the etiquette about “friending” and the like. I’ve had to make my own rules, which, of course, have evolved over time.

When I started Astrology Mundo back on March 17, I decided to be quite selective about whom I added to my blogroll. At first, I was going to link only to astrology blogs. But I started getting so much help from foodie friend Regina that I added her blog Gastriques.

Then Groffoto provided me with my first photos and showed me how to upload pics. So then I had a photo blog on my blogroll, and another one when SFMike at Civic Center touched base over our mutual interest in Palm Springs.

A former college roommate likes to keep in touch and has a blog, so he made the cut with My Non-Urban Life.

The floodgates weren’t exactly open, but I had become more expansive than I had originally planned. Now, I’ve got links to blogs about my hometown of Beacon, N.Y. (Maykr) and revitalizing Main Streets, something near and dear to my heart.

I just noticed with the nifty tools that WordPress provides that I’m getting traffic from Collaborating With Fate so I’ve added a link to Kathryn Cassidy’s unique blend of trends, cycles, and astrology. Ditto for Learning Curve on the Ecliptic, which has a lot of great space and UFO sighting news.

Seduction Central is another new addition to my blogroll. My cyberpal Beth Turnage often posts there, and Seduction’s host, Jeffrey Kishner, just added me to another site of his, AstrologyBogger. Thanks, Jeffrey! If you want to find out whether love is in the stars for you, Seduction Central is a good place to start.

I’ve been resisting adding Out the Comet’s [you-know-what] because of its name, which is expurgated here. But Comet is a great site that plays off current events the way that Astrology Mundo does.

Still, I’m not ready to get raunchy with my blog. I’ve got a foul mouth in real life so I’m trying to clean up my act in cyberspace.

Finally, given all the traffic I got on my post about the Frenchwoman who didn’t come to lunch, I’ve decided to add the food and lifestyle blog of my favorite Frenchwoman, Anne de Ravel, who’s blogging from Languedoc.

Welcome, new blogroll buddies!


6 comments on “My Ever-Expanding Blogroll: Links-a-Go-Go!

  1. Muchas gracias. Mixing it up is good; I think we risk becoming niched out, and some cross-pollination wouldn’t hurt. My teeth start to hurt after clicking on the third link on a food blog’s blogroll.

  2. I think you’re absolutely right. It’s interesting to watch the connections being made by cross-pollination, not just with blogrolls but with comments. For instance, sports fans have sent me a few links and several comments. But, of course, long before there were blogs, there was sports talk radio. So, obviously sports fan like to share their opinions with other people. Good stuff!

  3. “Still, I’m not ready to get raunchy with my blog. I’ve got a foul mouth in real life so I’m trying to clean up my act in cyberspace.” Same here, to tell you the truth..

    I think what you’ll find most interesting is that every really successful publication/blog has its own voice and its own rules. Occasionally, you’ll find yourself writing about something and realizing it just doesn’t fit, or the tone is wrong. I’ve been asked to write about a number of events, and if I’m free and it’s remotely interesting, I’ll usually do so but there are other times when I realize it somehow violates the integrity of what the site is about. In other words, you’re creating a monster with a mind of its own, beware.

    I don’t have a blogroll, for instance, because I was feeling technically inept when I started “Civic Center” but also because I decided early on that I was going to be featuring a lot of white space to set off the many photos and blogrolls. I’m glad of the decision because everybody with a blogroll has to go through the whole junior-high school clique thing and decide who they are going to feature on their sidebar which can get ridiculous. So I do my blogroll in links in the actual text when it makes sense to send them over to “Astrology Mundo,” for instance (great name, by the way).

    Gastropoda is also totally correct. Cross-pollination is the key. In some ways, I long for the old days of “The New Yorker” where you could read about a book-length series on a subject that you’d never thought would be fascinating, but did so gladly because there was an interesting storyteller giving one lots of information.

    What we are about in this new medium is voices that wouldn’t normally be published in the recent past, but who can now self-publish with more speed, accuracy and wit than most established news organizations. We all have our individual areas of expertise and interest, but the interesting voices among us are just that — interesting voices. You are one, so am I, and so are a couple of dozen other people I’ve discovered who publish everything from a food blog (easily the most competitive and vicious and best-written of niches) to an ecology blog from Ojai (“A Change of Wind”) to a political satire blog (“Princess Sparkle Pony”).

    Anyway, soldier on. I’d say the most rewarding part of it for me is that I’m no longer frustrated in any way. It’s like I’ve finally found my artform and couldn’t be more delighted. Hope to actually meet you in the flesh someday because I’m not a computerized social character either (Facebook, etc.). I like to smell people.

  4. SFMike — Thanks for such a thoughtful post. I’d like to point out that many of the bloggers I know are exiles from mainstream media who either left willingly or were given the boot in the latest round of downsizings. The ex-journalists are reveling in the freedom that blogging gives them, but many are wondering what the business model is. How are they going to make money to put food on the table from blogging and reading other peoples’ blogs? If you’ve got the answer, please write back! Inquiring minds want to know.
    I’d also like to point out that the professionalism and quality of your blog exceeds many mainstream media productions that I’ve seen. My husband and I will be back in Palm Springs this fall and look forward to meeting you in person!– Monica

  5. Must be Venus (R) in my sign: becoming settled or at least more patient, enough to investigate what otherwise I would not really have done, my nature being more to follow “new trends”.

    So, thanks to this Monica’s post “Ever – Expanding Blog” I discover that she, the gracious host of this blog and many of her friends contributing, as well as myself, are all somehow taken in sort of a spiral.

    Makes me wonder. Why is communicating the way we are (I personally type with 2 fingers…) become of such interest? I just spent a few days sailing, but no way I would have left my laptop at home.

    Somewhere the “new era” is taking her grip on people. Family, community, politics (res publica)? It’s not the old way any – more.

    Sex? Neither. We were mooring alongside an Argentinian boat the other day. Said an Argentinian lady while we were having drinks: would be “gozado” (funny) if the straights spent the night on one of the boats together, and the gays on the other…

    Well, I am not going to reveal with whom and on which boat I spent that night. What I can say is that the morning after I plugged in the reserve battery into my laptop to see the news and what Monica had to say!

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