Coffee-Klatsch at AstroTableTalk

Before I had my own blog, I used to spend hours posting comments on other people’s blogs. I notice that I don’t do it as much as I used to. This morning, however, I’ve found myself posting three comments over AstroTableTalk, a blog written by Dharmaruci of Glastonbury, England.

You’ll find him on my blogroll. In the meantime, here’s a link to his meditation on our celebrity-driven culture and what it means for society.

With my Saturn conjunct Mercury in Capricorn, I couldn’t resist pointing out to Dharmaruci that Barack Obama’s recent speech in Berlin took place at the Victory Column, not at Brandenburg Gate, as AstroTableTalk reported.

Being a Berliner by birth, if not by upbringing, I’m sensitive about these kinds of things and a bit sentimental. That’s why I’ve gone with the German “Klatsch,” rather than with Webster-Merriam’s preferred “klatch” in my headline for this post.

Like me, Dharmaruci seems to be a fan of Michael Caine or at least of Caine’s mum. Over at AstroTableTalk, I posted a link to my valentine to Caine, which I wrote back in April after reading his biography, What’s It All About? You can find it here.

Here’s the view from Glastonbury that I’m really dying for: What about the July 15 crop circle in Avebury, England, depicting the planetary aspects of Dec. 21, 2012? Michael Wolfstar at StarIQ and Neptune Cafe (see blogroll for both) has done a great job of covering this event, but I’d like to see what the locals think about the latest meeting of astrology and agriculture.

2 comments on “Coffee-Klatsch at AstroTableTalk

  1. Why isnt Barack Obama not opening up a huge lead on John McCain?

    All the factors point to a very large Obama win but its not materializing.

    I would really like you to come to

    and post why you think this lead isn’t coming to past. Can anyone explain this ? Give it a shot

  2. Americalives — Your wish is my command. I have posted a comment at your site about why I think Barack Obama hasn’t opened up a huge lead over John McCain. Here’s what I said:

    “I’m holding off on looking at Obama’s chart again until his birthday, Aug. 4. To answer your question, I think that there are lots of swing voters who don’t like either Senator McCain or Senator Obama. I love to follow popular culture and it’s fascinating to me that a film is coming out this weekend, I believe, with Kevin Costner called ‘Swing Vote.’

    As a John Edwards fan, I was devastated by the news of the “love child” and the way the candidate has managed the media on this issue. I think he would have made a great vice-presidential candidate for Obama.

    Hilary? Stay tuned for the convention. I think this is the calm before the storm. Right now, American voters are like the deer paralyzed by the headlights in the face of rising fuel and food prices, falling home prices, and outsourcing of jobs overseas. Hope this is what you’re looking for. Thanks for writing.”

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