Update on Elsa P’s Top Ten Sources

Folks, the news isn’t good. I e-mailed Elsa P and she confirmed that Elsa P’s Top Ten Sources is down and says it might be gone permanently. This is a huge loss for me personally as well as for the astrological community. In addition to blogging about astrology and her own life at the ElsaElsa Blog, Elsa has been posting snippets and links to astrology blogs around the world on her site all day long. To use industry jargon, she’s an “aggregator.”

Until I started Astrology Mundo in March, I relied solely on periodic commentaries at StarIQ, AstroDataBank, Nancy’s Blog, and Marjorie Orr’s Web site for my astro fix. Then I started getting traffic from Elsa P’s Top Ten Sources and I checked out her site.

I had been living in the dark. It turns out there is a whole world of astrology blogs out there. Since then, nearly every spare minute I have has been spent trolling the astrology section of Elsa P’s Top Ten Sources and catching up with what other bloggers have to say. Elsa has something new practically every few minutes.

I don’t know if it’s a technical, financial, or personal issue that has led to the blackout at Elsa P’s Top Ten Sources, but I pray that it is resolved soon. Elsa, we love you! Please come back! Tell the Soldier he better help get you up and running again or he’s going to have this Army brat to deal with.


6 comments on “Update on Elsa P’s Top Ten Sources

  1. Elsa P puts a lot more work and attention into Top Ten Sources than I put into the Astrology Blogger Directory, but the latter is also a good place to keep abreast of the latest astrology blog posts. Unlike Elsa, I don’t select anything from the Web to feature and I don’t pick and choose — it’s automated, but it does have a listing of over 100 astrology blogs, plus it features blogs in German and Portuguese.

    I also hope she keeps Top Ten going, because frankly I find lots of interesting blogs from her, which I then add to the directory.

  2. Jeffrey — Thanks for writing. Of course, being a relative blogger newbie, I wasn’t aware of your site. I just applied to be on astrologyblogger.com and I will add you to my blogroll. Yes, you are right, Elsa is a lot more fun than a computer! — Monica

  3. Not sure how this is going to pan out but plan to link people from my blog until there is some kind of resolotion. If you want to be included pls email.. askelsa@ g mail 🙂

    (And gah, what a disaster!)

  4. Thanks Monica for keeping us updated on the Top 10 Sources news situation.

    What Elsa put together, is a great contribution to the astrological society. It would be such a loss to everyone.

    Perhaps it’s a group of people disapproving astrology who are trying to interfere with this site…? Or it could be a minor technical issue…? Does anyone know?

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