The Astrology of the Democratic National Convention

Astrologers have begun to look at the constellations surrounding the Democratic National Convention, which begins Aug. 25 in Denver. I haven’t weighed in on this myself, but I plan to after I put my niece and nephew on a plane on July 16.

In the meantime, here’s a link to Elsa P.’s blog, which has a thread going on the subject.

Jude’s Threshold also has a page on the convention and is inviting readers to comment.

I encourage readers to post their comments at Elsa and Jude’s site and to comment here, if you’d like. The chart has a grand mutable cross formed by the opposition of Venus/Mercury on the Ascendant in Virgo and Pisces on the Descendant crossed by the opposition of Moon in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius, depending on what time you use for the Aug. 25 chart. Sounds like a recipe for lots of surprises!

I’m not the first person to have observed this, but that Venus/Mercury conjunction rising indicates a woman will be making some important remarks. With Uranus opposing the conjunction, the comments may be construed as controversial. So what woman will be talking? Hillary Clinton? Nancy Pelosi? Michelle Obama?

It’s safe to say a woman will have center stage at the convention. You know how I like to go out on a limb. I don’t think it’s Hillary, but perhaps Barack Obama will ask a woman to be his vice-presidential candidate.


4 comments on “The Astrology of the Democratic National Convention

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  2. Hi Monica, will look forward to your insights (after July 16!)

    And now that I’ve read John Townley’s take on the D Convention (on AstroCocktail), I realize I went too easy on the whole thing. John’s predicting more difficulties than you can shake a stick at (my words.)

    Plus, we have the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of August 1st and 16th affecting the NYSE to navigate first.

    Opposition forces are certainly brewing! jude

  3. Well, we know which woman will be kicking off the proceedings in Denver. On Aug. 11, the Obama campaign announced that the candidate’s wife, Michelle Obama, will be speaking on opening night of the Democratic National Convention.

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