Happy Birthday, Tesla Motors!

Here’s more evidence for the theory that people and places are in the news around the time of their birthday. After writing my post below on New Mexico losing the Tesla Motors sedan factory to California, I decided to run a natal chart for the pioneering electric car company.

Guess what? Tesla was born July 1, 2003 in San Carlos, Calif. (There are actually two towns named San Carlos in California. One is near San Diego and the other is outside of San Francisco. Tesla is based in the latter.)

Today is Tesla Motors’ fifth birthday. We don’t have a time of birth, so the chart has been set for noon. Here’s the link, courtesy of Astrodienst.

It’s noteworthy that Tesla, which is manufacturing a 100% electric sportscar, has an electrical Uranus/Mars conjunction in Pisces. It will be interesting to see what happens when Jupiter conjuncts the Uranus/Mars in late January, 2010. Maybe that’s when the first Teslas will hit the road.

The Sun in Cancer is conjunct Mercury and Saturn, which suggests this is a serious endeavor that will most likely encounter obstacles along the way. That doesn’t mean the company won’t be a success. Indeed, there has been considerable management turnover since the company was founded, but this isn’t unusual in a startup.

The July 2 New Moon at 11 degrees of Cancer symbolizes a new start for Tesla Motors. Maybe this has something to do with the tax breaks that California instituted last week for zero emission vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla Motors. (See “Tesla: California’s Gain is New Mexico’s Loss.”)


2 comments on “Happy Birthday, Tesla Motors!

  1. Electrico-electronic anomalies: Tesla became famous because of his inventions. I do not understand much about this domain, except that I am discovering a personal and ASTROLOGICAL relationship between Uranus and “electro-electronic accidents”, at least in my life:

    Last Friday, July 17, I had Mars transiting my natal Uranus (conjunct Venus and trine Neptune/MC, if that has an influence).

    What happened, I lost my second computer, turning “not restartable” after an on-line, overnight uptdate by Windows. Talked to Microsoft next day. They said it’s a very rare occurrence. Well, had to buy a new laptop as I distrust Brazilian computer shops to recover what’s lost.

    What a job to retract by memory what was on my “thing” !

    Unfortunately I did not take note of the exact date when I lost the first computer because of some similar “mysterious problem”, but I remember that Uranus was involved as well.

    So, in order not to sound entirely self-centered in talking about my personal “Uranian transits” I emit here and very formally the sincere wish that who decides to buy an electric car (Tesla or other), will be immune to this type of interference. Especially as far as the braking system is concerned. A car can be endangering one’s life after all…

    So my advice (should you want to buy an electric or hybrid car: It can not hurt “to consult an astrologer” !

  2. Electric/Electronic cars: You better watch before buying one of those things. I am a friend of Gian Paul, and a specialist in diesel engines.

    Came today to his place in the Brazilian rain-forest to give a check-up on the diesel generator he has there as a back-up.

    In the conversation GP explained to me the Tesla Motors thing. And convinced me to give my opinion on Monica’s blog. To which I agreed.

    I am a Jamaican citizen, born there and of course speaking English. After turning engineer in diesel engines, Cumins Engine hired me to help them in Brazil. That’s how I got to know GP. Besides that I have about 10/11 children here. More about that in a moment.

    In my opinion, you can build ever lighter (and riskier) cars, all their wheight being in the batteries, the rest is just “foam”, and not resolve the problem. The route to go is DIESEL. The more one compresses a hydrocarbon, the more it turns explosive. Then it’s a question of managing all that.

    GP was quite happy with my statement and, without abusing, asked if I had an opinion on the lingering race problem in the US.

    Here my opinion: I am not white, I am a Chinese, born in Jamaica (old British Empire). Here in Brazil most think that I am a Japanese immigrant, but that’s a detail I do not even care to explain anymore.

    And I do not need to, Brazil being an extremely tolerant country as far as race is concerned. GP knows some of my children: two are black, one other he knows looks more Chinese.

    I think that in the US the race problem is a result of an excess of puritan thinking. In that sense Brazil is certainly a step ahead of “Great America”. In the end we will all end up being a “mixture of colors”, but that will need some time. I personally did what I could, most of my sons and daughters are slightly less then white…

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