Beth’s Whereabouts

I just got an e-mail from my online cosmic neighbor Beth Turnage that the Web site Astrology Explored (see my blogroll), where she normally hangs her hat, is down right now.

If you want to read Beth’s always excellent posts, please go to:

Some of you may remember Beth’s analysis of Sedna in Tatum O’Neal’s chart. Maybe someone should send it to Tatum’s “people,” because it would certainly help the former child star gain some insight into her struggle with addiction.

Beth’s temporary change of address could be the result of the Uranus station at 22 Pisces. Lots of technical trouble and last-minute changes in plans!


2 comments on “Beth’s Whereabouts

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  2. Monica. Thanks!

    You’ve inspired me to do a contest at Starry Night Astrology. Whoever can divine my life events right now wins a signed copy of April Elliot Kent’s “Star Guide to Weddings”.

    Hope to see you there.

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