The Gloucester High Pregnancy Pact and the Summer Solstice Chart

I didn’t post on the 2008 Summer Solstice chart, but I did make some comments over at Jude’s Threshold (see my blogroll) about the chart, which has Mars in Leo in the eighth house of sexuality opposing North Node conjunct Neptune in Aquarius (collective illusions or disease).

Here’s a link to Jude’s marked-up chart, which is a work of art. (Jude’s an artist, by the way.):

In my comment of June 10, I speculated this aspect could produce concern about children’s obesity or an outbreak of sexually transmitted disease among teens. What I didn’t foresee was that a group of 17 teenage girls agreeing to get pregnant and raise their children together would create a stir on the national scene.

That was the story coming out of Gloucester (Mass.) High School on June 18, admittedly two days before the Summer Solstice. But it picked up momentum over the weekend as the facts of the story have been questioned by other media outlets as various local officials denied the existence of a formal pact among the young women.

Here’s the original story:,8599,1815845,00.html and a link to a followup piece by Kathleen Kingsbury, the author of the article:,8599,1817272,00.html?xid=rss-topstories

Obviously, this isn’t the only health story about teens that the Summer Solstice chart points to, but it’s interesting nonetheless. I’ve copied my June 10 comment to Jude below, with the relevant section in boldface:

“Jude — I read that Mars in Leo in the eighth house as being children or young people, not necessarily warriors, which I would equate more with Mars in Aries.
With Neptune, North Node, and Chiron opposing the Mars in Leo, I could see a lot of concern about children’s health and getting kids away from video games, the Internet, and TV and outside to play (Mars in Leo).
The concern about children being overweight is already out there, but I could see some kind of replay of the children’s fitness program of the 1960s. Also, there could be issues about vaccines or children who are uninsured. I think that eighth house in a national chart could have to do with insurance.
Mars in Leo in the eighth could also pertain to the sexuality of young people. Maybe some kind of new contagious disease is out there.
I like the Venus/Sun in the seventh house, even with an out-of-sign opposition from Pluto.
Sun/Venus in the seventh — more emphasis on socializing at home with friends, families, and neighbors than traveling. “Come over to my house for a potluck barbecue!” is how I read this. Even though it’s in cost-conscious Capricorn, the Jupiter/Moon conjunction could also be about socializing at home, I think. So cheer up and fire up that barbie! — Monica”

Check out Jude’s full treatment of the Summer Solstice here:

Jude and I aren’t always on the same page politically (she sees more conspiracy in the world than I do), but her sense of humor, thorough research, and artistic endeavors knock me out. As my Aunt Annie used to say, “She’s a hoot and holler!”

6 comments on “The Gloucester High Pregnancy Pact and the Summer Solstice Chart

  1. Chris — Ah, it figures that a Massachusetts boy would be the first to weigh in on this post. Thanks for stopping by! My question is: How many of these girls saw the feel-good indie film “Juno,” which some hard-nosed critics said painted a rose-colored view of teen pregnancy?
    Funny that you were writing about food and then you had a food delivery at the door! — Monica

  2. Hi Monica, thanks!

    Yours was a good call and any time you feel inclined to add your insights to any of my posts, feel free! My focus on using Astrology to understand political shenanigans does create an imbalance and i much appreciate your more general societal focus.

    Politics, that ‘organized system of hatreds’ does become tiresome at times and i welcome an astrological break, so do have at it! ;p

    Another emphasis in the Summer 2008 chart which i’ve not had a chance to pursue is that the 8th house relates to the middle third of the season so we may be seeing much more of all these events and issues during the shank of the summer…or similar events will become even more prominent in the news then… jude

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  4. i wonder why would those qurls would ever wanna do that . beinq pregnant is not fun it`s hard work . theyy dumbbbbbbbbbbb !

  5. What’s the point of having a blog unless you can brag? This post was actually picked up by Time magazine. That’s the power of the Internet.

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