Mind the Quincunx!

Today is jam-packed full of astrological aspects. We’ve got a Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini happening at 1:30 p.m. EDT, Mercury is about to go direct, and Pluto is just back into Sag, adding intensity to that Full Moon energy. Uranus in Pisces is also forming a broad square to the Full Moon.

The guys over at StarIQ do fabulous lunar coverage and I’d be hard-pressed to top it. Here’s the link to the Full Moon chart, courtesy of StarIQ, which you’ll find on my blogroll:


I want to get the word out that today’s most important aspect may be the one you don’t notice. As I write, a quincunx (150-degree) aspect is almost exact between fun-loving Mars in Leo and erratic Uranus.

What does the quincunx mean? Damned if I know after 24 years of dabbling in astrology. But as someone who was born with Sun in Capricorn almost exactly quincunx Uranus in Leo, my advice is tread carefully. With a quincunx, it’s often hard to integrate the energies of the two planets involved.

Mars/Uranus aspects of all kinds can be explosive. Watch out for computer and mechanical problems today and think twice about pushing the send button if you’re about to fire off a nasty e-mail. You may regret it.

To top it off, Mars is traveling quite close to the soul-sucking South Node in Leo. How do I interpret this picture? Some people will do ANYTHING for attention. If somebody in your orbit is making an outsize bid for attention, give him or her the right of way. You don’t want to end up as collateral damage.


2 comments on “Mind the Quincunx!

  1. Monica- I always think of a quincunx as a “blind spot”… you’re tootling along with the one energy and then, BANG! sideswiped by the other…. probably be in orb for a little bit of pyrotechnics beyond today… thanks for the reminder to stay alert!

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